Difference between Kilobits per second(kbps) & kiloBYTES per second (kBps), for beginners

Hello World

So guys if you're new to the internet & have recently got a new internet connection & have a noticed a strange thing that,
like you are given a 256 units speed connection, but you got just 25-30 units* downloading speed.

As is the difference between two different cubes different. It's a metaphor for the thing I'm gonna talk about.


So the real deal (the actual thing), is that both the units are different. Your company tells you the speed in the units of kilobits per second (kbps) whereas your browser or downloader downloads in the units of kiloBytes (kBps) per second.

Notice difference between capital 'B' & small 'b' in the abbreviated (short) forms.

Note: KiloBytes per second is sometimes (and mostly) also represented as "Kbps" & Kilobits per second as "kbps". Notice small & Capital "k".


So to convert the company's kbps to kBps, simply divide the former by 8, which will give you your average download speed.

For example,

256 kbps = 256/8 kBps = 32 kBps

512kbps = 64 kBps

1 mbps = 1024 kbps = 128 kBps

2 mbps = 2048 kbps = 256 kBps

I hope you liked & learnt from above.


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