Root/Factory Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 without PC (Froyo & Gingerbread)

Hello Guys

Today I'd like to show you a method to root Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570  both for Froyo (Android 2.2) & Gingerbread (Android 2.3), so that you may have full control on your device. This method will not need the use of PC, nor it'll require the use of any app. I've tested this method myself.

Therefore it's the simplest & best methods & with personal experience, I'm telling you that it works!!

First of all I'd like to tell you that Rooting is not a very big issue and it can be done with some steps only. Your company will not recommend it (I don't know why?).


Rooting is just a method to get Administrative Privileges on your phone, so that you can fully control your device's software.
Those who use Windows PC, may know that they can edit or see their Windows system files including system32 & system folders, Windows is already rooted.

I myself use a rooted Samsung Galaxy Mini because of its awesome features.


By rooting you can get fascinating features on your device which you can't even expect your device to have!
These include

Moving all apps to SD Card (or Memory Card)

With this feature you'll be able to save your internal phone memory which is usually less & move almost all apps to your Memory Card.

Installing Adobe Flash Player

You can also install Adobe Flash Player on your device, not only HTML5 like Youtube for mobile, but also Flash Videos like Youtube for PC.

Seeing & Modifying Root Files

You can also see or modify internal system files.

Backing Up Apps + Data

You would also be able to Backup all your apps ALONG WITH DATA, which is another fascinating feature of rooting the mobile.

Have you ever got a good score in games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Skater Boy etc. But lost your record because of your phone washout.
Well, this feature will help you to backup your score and save game.

There are many other benefits of rooting your device, like installing Custom ROM instead of Stock ROM, but I would not recommend it, as this would be quite clumsy operation & may be even risky at times.

Stock ROM is your phone's platform or software, given to you by your manufacturer, i.e. Samsung here. Custom ROM is the changed Rom that you can Flash or install on your mobile.

I believe that Stock ROM is the best one for the best functionality of your device.

Also note that for all above features, simply rooting may not be enough you'll need to do little more work! I will try to help you get them in the coming future.


The method I'm giving here, will not need the use of PC, nor it'll require the use of any app.

So Before Starting the process to root, I'd like to tell you the pre-requirements that you should have.

Note: I may not be responsible for any misbehavior of your device, Do it at your own risk!
Also, note that you'll lose your phone's warranty after rooting.

But Don't worry I myself have rooted my Samsung Galaxy Mini (Gingerbread) with this method & it's currently working fine.

If you are considerate about warranty, you can search for methods of "Hiding" or "Un-rooting" on the internet.

You can also download or backup your current stock Rom, Search for method to backup, on the internet, or simply download it.

There is just a little difference between rooting of Froyo & Gingerbread.

For rooting you'll need a zip file on your SD Card or Memory Card, it is given below:
(These are the Direct Download Links)

FOR FROYO (Android version 2.2)

FOR GINGERBREAD (Android Version 2.3)

Note: Please Don't rename the downloaded file-name.


I'm telling you again that this method will not need the use of PC, nor it'll require the use of any app.

Also, this method has been self-tested by me.

So here are the steps to root or factory unclock your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570.


1. Put the Downloaded file in your SD Card, in the shallowest path i.e. not in any folder, just in sd card.

2. Power Off your Phone.

3. Press 'Home + Power On' button at the same time, until you see Samsung Logo & the phone will start the Recovery Mode.

Now you'll control your device with the volume control buttons to move up & down the selected operation & Home Button to select an option.


4. Select 'apply update from sdcard' from the Menu.

5. Select 'Gingerbread Root Samsung Galaxy' from the SD card.

6. Wait until the setup finishes.

7. Select 'reboot system now' option after successful setup completion if the phone does not restart automatically.

8. After Reboot, check if the 'Superuser' application has been installed or not. If it is, you have successfully rooted your phone, if it isn't you were not successful.


Please see the above Gingerbread steps, they are quite similar.

4. Select the option to apply update.

Make sure you haven't renamed the download file-name.

5. Now select option to reboot your device.

6. After Reboot, check if the 'Superuser' application has been installed or not. If it is, you have successfully rooted your phone, if it isn't you were not successful.

So I hope that the above tutorial would've helped you.

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  1. whenever I try to root my phone through recovery mode, knowing that I follow the procedure step by step, the installation is always aborted.
    please help and send me the solution on my own mail.

    1. I've already sent you email reply, but for Everyone else' convenience, here's the answer:

      I reckon you to do a factory data reset on your phone, under the "Privacy Section", in "Settings" App.

      Most of your data will get lost, so do a backup first.

      After that try again. If it still doesn't work, Just email me the Phone that you're using & it's Android version: Froyo/Gingerbread.

      I hope for the best.

  2. Hello

    Nice Question, here's the answer

    Rooting is just like getting the platform, it'll allow you to fully control your phone, whereas features like "Moving Apps to SD Card" are enabled only by applying some tricks on your phone.

    See this post of mine, below, it'll teach you, how to move almost All Android Apps to SD Card:

    Note: You may not have been able to Move Almost all android apps to SD Card, if you didn't have root on your device.

    I hope the reply helped!

  3. so how do I use the superuser app? it doesn't have any apps in it, and I still can't move any of my apps to my sd card.

  4. Hello,

    My Phoen is locked, duee to wrong pattern many times. its promting me to input google login & password.

    if i key in my eamil id & password, it sayd in correct login or password , but i am able to open mu goole account in my sysytem with same email id & password.

    please help!!!!!!

    1. Hey,

      Your Phone is asking for the correct pattern, that you must have input while setting it up. If you don't remember it, input the Google Account, that you used when you run the phone for the first time, after buying.

      If it still doesn't work out, take your phone to Samsung Service Center, they may reset it & you'll be able to use it again. But your data, like contacts, messages, may get deleted. The workers may also require your phone's bill or a proof, maybe.

      All the best, I hope you get back your Phone in working condition, again.

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