The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 22 Review + Summary

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I watched The Big Bang Theory, an awesome American TV Series & I loved its Season 3 Episode 22, so decided to write about it.

The episode's title is, "The Staircase Implementation."

I would also give you a spoiler alert before reading this.

This episode was 10/10, according to me.

Well, it was a great fun watching it. What I liked about it was that many secrets of Leonard's story were unleashed. As always, it was full of laughter, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

In this one, at the commencement, Leonard fights with Sheldon about the room temperature, saying he wanted to alter it by two 2 units, but as always Sheldon is stubborn & Leonard leaves to Penny's place.

Leonard helps Penny with her manicure/pedicure & tells him how he first met Sheldon.

He said, Sheldon's apartment was available at a reasonable price & "He was much worse then." When he was going to meet Sheldon, he got many funny clues about Sheldon's Perfect (:P) nature.

It was very funny, how they all were dressed differently, although Sheldon't looks were quite the same.

It is also revealed, how their lift was broken. It was because Leonard conducted a crazy Rocket Experiment. Also it was told, how Sheldon saved Leonard's life from Leonard's first date.

So I liked The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 22 very much & hope that you did the same.

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