Don't give up, sometimes confused with Plans change

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Now, I'd like to talk about an awesome thought, Don't Give Up which is sometimes confused with the fact that one can't even change his/her plans.

So I'd like you to know that if someone says that we need to change plans doesn't mean that you're giving up on your task, it's just that you probably have found a better way to accomplish it.
Life has itself taught this lesson to me.

Consider that you are trying to conquer a castle & you've decided to use the underground way to reach there. Now  you come to know that there's underground protection, so what will you do?

By Danilo Rizzuti /

You'll try to go the airway or find any other way, which doesn't mean that you're giving up, you've just found a better way to your same destination.

Similarly in one's life also,we encounter these issues & to resolve them we'll need proper planning to find & reach our destination, which may sometimes involve change of plans.

So I hope you'd have learnt some goodness from above.


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