Internal Android Apps Safely Movable to SD Card (some safety tips)

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So here I'm presenting an post consisting of Golden Points to move internal android apps to your External Memory Card (or SD Card).

I've already given a way to move internal apps to SD Card, here:

Now I'll tell you the exceptions about, which apps should be moved & which shouldn't be, to your SD Card.

Note: I may not hold any responsibility of your phone misbehaving after this use. Do it at your own risk.


POINT 1. Here I present a list of internal android apps which you CAN MOVE to your SD Card, by first converting them to user app & then transferring them to SD Card using Link2SD (android app).

To get the options to "Convert into User App" & "Transfer to SD Card", in Link2SD, just Long Press that particular app.

So here's the list:

1. Voice Search
2. Maps (google)
3. Samsung Apps
4. Talk (google)

So I've found that the above apps can be safely moved to SD Card, other apps like Google Search, Youtube etc. didn't respond after transferring them to SD Card.
But you can try other apps, if you want to do it & experiment yourself.

Note: If the above apps vanish after moving, please reboot your device, they should then work fine again.

POINT 2. Also Please note that you can move an app to SD Card, when it is in native form, i.e. it has not been updated.
For example, if I try to move Maps (Android) to SD Card, after updating it from market, it can't be done.
But if you already have your app updated, you can uninstall the update, then move it & finally install the update again.

POINT 3. I strongly recommend you to backup all your apps right after moving them to SD Card in the form of apk, with an app like APP BACKUP & RESTORE.

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POINT 4. It is recommended not to move dynamic apps that are always used, like widgets to SD Card, they may malfunction.
Also DO NOT move Adobe Flash Player to Memory Card (SD Card).

POINT 5. Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), given by the official App Makers (on their official website), which may also help you a lot:

View FAQs

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So That's it, I hope the above thesis of mine, was useful for you. :P
You can also make your own, by experimenting on your phone.


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

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  1. I do not see the option to convert Google MAps from system to user app. How come? I cannot convert anything from system to user?

    1. Hey Friend

      In link2SD, just Long Press the Maps App & by scrolling down in the options that come up, there is one to convert it to user app.

      Nice Question, I'm also putting the answer in the article itself.

      I hope you found your answer.

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