Complete Walkthrough Guide for Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile

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Injustice Gods Among Us is really an Epic game, which not only makes you have an awesome fighting experience with Good Graphics, but also has an addictive Roster completion or Card collection part. Not only that, the best thing is, it has DC's popular Superheroes. If you're fan of them (like Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman), then this game is definitely recommended for you. With such a large variety of characters in the game, definitely there are some things that're confused at times, especially if you're a beginner.

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With this article, I'd like to put you on road for going ahead into Injustice Gods Among Us for Android or iOS (Mobile), so that you're able to find what your aim is, in the game. Therefore it is the complete Guide for Beginners. In case, you're well into the game, there could be some things might not be vivid for you, Today I'd also like to solve that issue. This post may also be treat as a review & a walk-through. The focus is on deep points of the game that are confused.

Check out my Injustice: Gods Among Us walkthrough video (with Voice commentary). I hope you like it:

This Tutorial is with respect to the latest Injustice Gods Among Us v2.3, the updated version. I want to explain a lot, so it might have more words, you can read the highlighted lines & the ones marked as important, to know the basis. I will try to cover the part that are confused at times, even by professional Players sometimes & explain the rest briefly.

Top 3 mistakes while installing Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a magnificent way to know your readers & have in-depth stats about them. If you rely on your platform for Traffic stats, like Blogger in my case, then don't! They include a lot of things like bots & therefore the stats aren't correct. So a good service like Google Analytics is must.

Today I will be discussing about Top 3 mistakes that you / anyone might do (or be doing), while installing the Google Analytics script on your Website. Not only, I will be telling solutions along with, but also share the correct way to install Google Analytics on Blogger with steps.

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