Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate the best Video Converter + Cutter Personal experience review

Hey guys

Here's the screenshot of Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate Main Menu:

So now, I'd like to talk about Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate or alias name- Imtoo Video Converter, & as given by the company, its an "ALL-IN-ONE Solution"& according to me, for anything you want to do with a video, as a normal user (not encoder!).

Below is personal experience review of the software. I tell you, Imtoo Video converter is suitable of many media files, including both Videos & Audio.

I'll also try to explain HOW TO USE Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate/Imtoo Video Converter.

In the post below, I've given all the features, with full explanation of this software:

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2 Best Offline English Dictionaries for Android (1 Free, 1 Paid)

Hello World

Photo By Boykung /

Today I'll present you with one of best must-have Offline Dictionaries for Android, they won't require internet always, but may require you to download data once.

This is my own personal experience review.

One of them is the best in Free Category, the other one is the best in Paid Category.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 22 Review + Summary

Hey guys
Photo By Stuart Miles,

I watched The Big Bang Theory, an awesome American TV Series & I loved its Season 3 Episode 22, so decided to write about it.

The episode's title is, "The Staircase Implementation."

I would also give you a spoiler alert before reading this.

Don't think about Negative, a way to be positive about life

Hello Friends

Today I'd like to show a very nice small method to induce positivity in your life, so as to enjoy it to the Fullest. The small thing is, "Don't think about Negative."

Photo By Kookkai_nak /

I'll explain the above thought.

Every NCERT Book for every Class Full Official Download

Hey Guys

I was just surfing the internet & I found a fascinating thing, yes I was able to find the official download links for every NCERT Book, for every class from Class 1 to Class 12 and for every subject, in pdf format.

This is not in-official (nor illegal), it was found on Official website of NCERT, so its legal.

[on Youtube] Watch Full Indian Television Channels shows Official Online

Hello Mates

I was just surfing the internet & found that many Indian television Channels have made their official accounts on Youtube & are uploading their latest shows on Youtube, so that users can watch them anytime & any where they want to.

After thinking for sometime, I also came up with the reason why they are doing it.

Photo By Salvatore Vuono /

So I'm here putting up about a dozen of links to famous Indian Television channels Youtube links, for your convenience & also will try to
You can watch your favorite shows anytime & anywhere you want, with your internet, on the fast & most famous video hosting website, Youtube, full with OFFICIAL LEGAL way.

They all are fully legal, as they belong to the hosts' official Youtube Account.

I will include channels like Disney India, Sony, Star plus, Colors TV etc.
Also, I will give link to watch IPL 2013 online for free.

For me, it was like Dream come true :P

Tutorial to Download & Add Subtitles to Movie or Episode

Hey Fellas!

Photo By Stuart Miles /

Today I'd love to present you a post on How to Download and then Add Subtitles of your language choice from the internet to your video, movie or episode.

[Solution] Pages Already Added but Not Visible Blogger

Hello World

Today I faced a little issue, found a solution & therefore decide to tell you about it.

The above Screen is the evidence to the issue.

I noticed that Pages (on Tabs) were not visible on my blogger blog, but when I tried to add them add them as gadget, I couldn't & it said that they were already added.

3 Best Android Offline Maps Apps for India

Hey Guys

I found a really great app to get best maps for India Offline (Android), yes that means without the need for Internet Connection. I'll be showing 2 other apps too.

I'm giving three (3) apps, two (2) the best in Free Category & one (1) is the Best in Paid Category, of-course! according to me.

Simple way to Pause Installers & other windows ongoing processes

Hey Folks

Photo By icon leak ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today I'd like to show you a simple method/trick to pause ongoing processes in windows like Big File Installers & others like big files copying, without much hassle.

Stick-Cricket The Best Online Cricket PC Game | Available on other platforms

Hello World

See the gameplay of the awesome app, below:

Today I'd love to show you a fascinating Online Game, Stick Cricket, which is also available as offline on other platforms like Android, ios & Amazon where you can play it offline too.

Force Move all Android apps to SD Card - Link2SD (Simplest Method) (Free)

Hey Friends

Today I'd love to show you the simplest method to move all android apps to your SD Card, including system  apps like Maps, voice search etc, without much hassle.

Photo By arztsamui /

I've myself verified and tested this method.

Root is required. We'll make use of a free awesome app.

Internal Android Apps Safely Movable to SD Card (some safety tips)

Hello World

So here I'm presenting an post consisting of Golden Points to move internal android apps to your External Memory Card (or SD Card).

I've already given a way to move internal apps to SD Card, here:

Now I'll tell you the exceptions about, which apps should be moved & which shouldn't be, to your SD Card.

Google Chrome (v14.1) for Android 2.2 plus devices

Hey Friends

Here's the screenshot of Google Chrome 14:

Today I'd love to show an awesome android software, Google Chrome version 14 for Froyo (Android 2.2) plus devices like Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

{Hidden-Object} Confectionary The I Spy Full and Free Puzzle PC Game Download

So Today I'd like to present a very nice puzzle game, Confectionary (not 'Confectionery' :P), The I Spy Full & Free Puzzle game available for download. It also comes, more or less, under the Hidden-Object Category.

82 MB Download with Online Setup Wizard/Installer
Above is the game's screenshot

Add & Make Subtitles for any Video

Hello World

So Today I'd like to show you the best method to add subtitles to add & make subtitles to any video you want.

Here's a screenshot of Main Software Screen:

We'll make use of the software, subtitle workshop, which is just the ultimate one to deal with subtitles.

Root/Factory Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 without PC (Froyo & Gingerbread)

Hello Guys

Today I'd like to show you a method to root Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop GT-S5570  both for Froyo (Android 2.2) & Gingerbread (Android 2.3), so that you may have full control on your device. This method will not need the use of PC, nor it'll require the use of any app. I've tested this method myself.

Therefore it's the simplest & best methods & with personal experience, I'm telling you that it works!!

Rechecking things- excess is bad

Hello friends

Now I'd like to talk about a strange thing I experienced. I don't know whether there is something to learn in it or not, I just wanna share it.

Photo By The people from the Tango! project (The Tango! Desktop Project) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You may say it's a small thing, but I just want to share it. :P

Refresh Download Address Internet Download Manager (IDM) Special feature

Hello World

Here's the screenshot of IDM, the option, "Refresh Download Address" has been shown:

Today I'd like to tell you about a special merit of Internet Download Manager (IDM), which is really UNIQUE.

How to check a website on google search

Hey guys

Here I present a tutorial to check a website on google, OR to get results from a single website on google search.
This method may especially be helpful for webmasters who want to check whether some post or webpage of theirs appears in google search results or not.
Photo By The people from the Tango! project (The Tango! Desktop Project) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tutorial to use your own message/notification tone (Android)

Hello Folks

Photo By Vlado,

So I'd like to talk about a simple tutorial to use your own notification tone on android, which is missed feature in it, I guess (for stock rom).

Logarithms & antilogarithms + How to find Logs & antilogs using Log Table

"Study is about taking the concepts & Laws of the subject/ topic"

Hello Guys

Thank you for coming here. I've recently created a video about the concept of Logs & Antilogs, with a few more things than the article itself. That way (with video), you can learn even better & interactively as it features my own voice commentary. Check that out at:

Please visit the above link, to like & Subscribe on YouTube, if you liked it. :) The embedded video:

I hope you like it

I've noticed that some people have confusion about logarithms (& anti-logarithms) & find it tough to find. Like anything else it's not very difficult thing. So here are common, clear & understandable notes on the same. Here's a graph for normal Logarithmic Function:

Photo By Ellywa from nl, From Wikimedia Commons, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

So today I'll try to explain some general principles about logarithm & its use, I'll try to keep this guide precise and as clear as possible.

This guide will be especially helpful to students who have recently joined class 11, especially in India.

I'll also give an example to learn the use / application of logarithms, so that you may learn the power of it.

In short, it is everything you need to know about logarithms & antilogarithms (but not as much as wiki!) :P

[DIRECT LINK] Tubemate (latest version) Full and Free download for Android, the best youtube downloader

Hello there

Above images shows the screenshot of Tubemate's  Download Options.

Today I'd like to share with you, the best youtube downloader, & yes it is for android, just a wonderful software.

Difference between Kilobits per second(kbps) & kiloBYTES per second (kBps), for beginners

Hello World

So guys if you're new to the internet & have recently got a new internet connection & have a noticed a strange thing that,
like you are given a 256 units speed connection, but you got just 25-30 units* downloading speed.

As is the difference between two different cubes different. It's a metaphor for the thing I'm gonna talk about.

Don't give up, sometimes confused with Plans change

Hello World

Photo By Danilo Rizzuti /

Now, I'd like to talk about an awesome thought, Don't Give Up which is sometimes confused with the fact that one can't even change his/her plans.

Positive thinking in tough circumstances (if they are!)

Hello Guys

Photo By rattigon /

Today I'd like to share some useful info with you, about positive thinking in tough situations. I'd like to mention two points to make you feel, nothing is tough!
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