2 Best Offline English Dictionaries for Android (1 Free, 1 Paid)

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Today I'll present you with one of best must-have Offline Dictionaries for Android, they won't require internet always, but may require you to download data once.

This is my own personal experience review.

One of them is the best in Free Category, the other one is the best in Paid Category.

The best in paid category is Oxford Dictionary of English, given by Mobile Systems

The other one is Arcus Dictionary, given by Arcus Computing, which is the best in Free Category.


This is the number one Dictionary app for Android available there (Of-course, according to me!).

Unleash the power of Oxford in your Android Device, no need to carry Heavy Dictionary books, that get torn after long-use. Everything is available on your mobile Phone.

With this thing, you can really change your world, whenever you're free, you can enhance your Vocabulary skills.

Here's the screenshot of the Oxford Dictionary:

Consider a situation, when you are visiting some-place but are delayed due to some reason, you can use your mobile phone for not getting bored.

Not only the awesome power of Oxford, this app also comes with the word of the day Widget, with which you can see a new word everytime you unlock your phone, which'll really enhance your skills in English.

So what are you waiting for, grab the one-day Trial of this superb app & then buy it, if you really like it.
Here's the official Google Play Store (Android Market) link to this app:

Visit Now


Arcus really astonished me with its goodness in the free version, it also had so many words & is a very good competitor to Oxford Dictionary of English.

And of-course, everything is for free!

The power of English Right in your Phone, Grab it to get the best of Android.

Here's the screenshot of Arcus Dictionary:

Users have also praised about its unique design, flexibility & easy to use experience.

The app comes in three versions:

Arcus Dictionary
Arcus Dictionary Pro (ADS)
Arcus Dictionary Pro

The first one, normal Arcus Dictionary has some features & words less than pro version & is ad-free.

The second one, Arcus Dictionary Pro (ADS), is the free Pro Version of this dictionary with a lot more words & enhanced features, but consists of ads.

The Third one, Arcus Dictionary Pro, is the Paid Pro ad-free version of the dictionary.

The app exists & has a Free version, as on 04 August, 2013. I don't know about the Future!

Here are the official Play Store to all above Arcus Dictionary Apps:

Arcus Dictionary

Arcus Dictionary Pro (ADS)

Arcus Dictionary Pro

So I hope you liked the above review.
My recommendation would be Oxford dictionary of English (by mobile systems), although Arcus is also a very good competitor.

Use your wit to choose your option, trial versions of Oxford Dictionary is also available.

Do comment about your review or if have any other good apps to tell me, or if wanna contact me.

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  1. Dictionary WordWeb is best android app for dictionary

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