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See the gameplay of the awesome app, below:

Today I'd love to show you a fascinating Online Game, Stick Cricket, which is also available as offline on other platforms like Android, ios & Amazon where you can play it offline too.


The game is an awesome one, according tot he game developers, "Every Ball can be hit for a boundary." How fascinating is that. You can only bat, I guess in this game.

The pitch will always be high scoring, where you'll face a big target. T20 (20 Overs match) is my favorite format & the same is available.

The Game-play in PC (online version) & mobile is just a little different as in pc version you can hit the ball straight, leg & Off-side, whereas in Phones, only Leg side & Off-side shots are available.

It has different versions like All-Start Slog, Stick Cricket Academy, etc which is a kind of Net Practice & you'll improve your skills.

So in short the game is bundled with great fun!

You'll require Adobe Flash Player, to play it online (recommended on PC). The best thing I like about this is that, for mobiles, the game is available as offline app, which is superb & it also won't require Flash Player.

For Mobile, you'll get only some features for free & you'll need to purchase the Premium version to get the full game. The limitations in free version would be, you'll be able to play only against some teams in World Domination.

So you'll really enjoy this game.
This game is simply a legend!


So here are some important links for the game:

Official website

Visit Now

Apple Store (IOS), Play Store (Android Market) & Amazon App links

View Now

My Favorite Version (World Domination) Link for PC:

Visit Now


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