3 Best Android Offline Maps Apps for India

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I found a really great app to get best maps for India Offline (Android), yes that means without the need for Internet Connection. I'll be showing 2 other apps too.

I'm giving three (3) apps, two (2) the best in Free Category & one (1) is the Best in Paid Category, of-course! according to me.

Below is the list of apps, according to their rankings

My recommendation, go for number 1 (Sygic & MapmyIndia GPS).

1. Sygic & MapmyIndia: GPS (Paid)

The First App is "Sygic & MapmyIndia: GPS." It is literally first & the best. It's paid, but it is really worth it. MapmyIndia is a very good competitor to Google Maps in India. It has very detailed maps & along with the engine of Sygic, it really gives a mind-blowing experience.

I guess, this app is better than original MapmyIndia app, as it has Sygic Engine.

It'll use your device's GPS, to locate your current location, but even if you don't have GPS or a good GPS, you can contact the developer---

---According to me, you should still be able to use it (without GPS) by locating your current nearby Landmark of your place. The best thing is that, it has been highly detailed & you can Search (without internet), the location you want to reach & get the shortest route.

Below is the screenshot of the app:

As I said earlier, it's a paid App (about RS. 700 currently) & will  require about 1.3 GB of space in your phone memory or memory card, to download the maps, using wi-fi.

There can be two problems with this:
1. It requires high memory space (Although for me, that is acceptable).
2. It requires a very good GPS. (That is also acceptable for me, the reason solution has already been mentioned above).

Here's the Android Market \ play Store link to the Awesome app:

Visit Now

2. MapsWithMe Lite, Offline Maps

Well if you're Searching for the offline Maps under Free Category, this is one of the best. According to the Makers, "The quickest offline maps of the entire world. Maps work everywhere!"

These maps will certainly be less detailed than the MapmyIndia (Sygic), because it comes under free category.
But this is just a trial version. They also have the paid, "MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps".

Below, see the screenshot of the superb app:

For free, the interface is very good.

Users have also reviewed it well, although some have pointed out to bugs in it. But still I guess these would be nice.

The app exists & has a Free version, as on 04 August, 2013. I don't know about the Future!

Here's the official Play Store / Market link tot he app:

Visit Now

3. Navfree: Free GPS Navigation

Navfree is another very nice Offline Maps Service & it's totally free, no conditions apply! That's what the app's name suggests, isn't it?

It'll provide you map downloads for free too! Although they'll be less detailed than MapmyIndia.

Here's the screenshot of the app:

Users have good reviews, although some have said that the maps got them nowhere near to where they needed to go.

The app is Free, as on 04 August, 2013. I don't know about the Future!

Here's the official play Store / Market Link tot he superb app:

Visit Now

So I hope you liked the above review. My recommendation would be Sygic & mapmyindia, although I'd also reckon you to use your own wit.


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  1. I need to know an android app which can give good India and world offline maps , not for navigation purpous but for study purpous as we have in our books

    1. Hi Sumit

      I think, for study purpose, MapsWithMe lite could do a good job for you. But, as an alternative, you can check "Offline Maps" app, which also seems to be okay:


      I hope this works for you.

  2. You fool. Where is Jammu & KASHMIR in it?

  3. fine is 100 crore for wrong maping

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