Rechecking things- excess is bad

Hello friends

Now I'd like to talk about a strange thing I experienced. I don't know whether there is something to learn in it or not, I just wanna share it.

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You may say it's a small thing, but I just want to share it. :P

So the issue is that I couldn't stop checking & rechecking & rechecking! small things again and again, which could cause tension in the brain & can really hamper the routine.

I would like to explain this with an example,
Suppose that at night, one is alone in a house & he/she suddenly gets urge to check whether the door has been locked or not, after every 15-20 minutes, which doesn't allow him/her to sleep at nights.

This may really be dangerous & cause problem to other activities, like sleeping here, isn't it?

This also reminds me of the tale, "Evans tries an O-level", in which Officer Stephen (I guess!), checked Evans during examinations after every 2 seconds, because Evans was a clever thief.

Anyways, I just would like to tell you that even a small thing in excess can be bad.
So just use your conscious.

Do what you love & Love what you do.

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