Force Move all Android apps to SD Card - Link2SD (Simplest Method) (Free)

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Today I'd love to show you the simplest method to move all android apps to your SD Card, including system  apps like Maps, voice search etc, without much hassle.

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I've myself verified and tested this method.

Root is required. We'll make use of a free awesome app.


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how to root Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570, which the best & easiest way & I myself had verified that.

I also mentioned the benefits of rooting your device. Today I'd like to show you how to use one of its awesome benefits. Moving almost all android apps to your SD Card in an hassle-free way, so that you can save your internal system memory from getting full.


Note: I may not hold any responsibility of your phone misbehaving after this use. Do it at your own risk.

But Don't worry I myself have tested and verified this way.

So we'll make use of the app, Link2SD. As I mentioned earlier, it requires root.

On the internet, I saw many ways to move all android apps to SD Card. Some even mentioned that no root was required. But those ways required a PC.
But this method here is not like that. It's simple as you like. Not much Work. Only one condition  it requires a rooted phone. That's it.

So just download & install this app, then when it runs, allow it superuser permission (it'll only happen in rooted phone). That's it, done the work. Wasn't it nice.

Anyways now you would be able to see all your apps & move them to SD card by long pressing them.

You can also use filters like seeing only apps on internal, seeing only system apps, seeing only apps present on SD Card, seeing all apps, etc.This can simply be done by pressing a small icon on the top-side of the app.

You can also use multi-select feature by pressing options buttons & selecting apps you wanna move.

To use it for system apps, simply first convert a system app to user app & then transfer it to SD Card.

Note: While handling System apps, be careful, apps like google search may stop responding if you convert them to user app.

I may mention some internal apps, which you can safely move to SD Card, in my future posts, without them misbehaving.


So here's the play store / market link to the superb app:

Get it Now


If you'd like to have some in-depth tips on this app, based on my own experience, here they are:

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