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Above Screenshot shows an example Alert Welcome Notification Message

Today I'd really love to show you the Best way to add a Welcome Message in a Blogger Blog using the Alert JavaScript.

Well I was just surfing the internet & observed some sites had a Pop-up kind of Welcome Message or Notification. So I decided to find out a way to do it on a Blogger Blog. We can tell our customers, straight away, about some important news or welcome them. Just Imagine it, whenever someone knocks the doors of you website/Blogger Blog, he/she gets message, "Welcome to my Blog" or "Enjoy Your Life" or "Have a nice day" or some important news like "Please read the new update mentioned in Updates Section."

This tutorial will just make use of the Alert JavaScript on Blogger, as you might know that Blogger allows the use of JavaScript on its blogs. Yes, remember! we'll utilize the addition of Html/JavaScript widget in Blogger Blog.

It'll be an Alert Notification Message/Welcome Message, that'll appear as a small Pop-Out type & asks user to press "OK".


Well, to (generally) everything, there are Benefits, but a few issues too. This is the Cons section & the major Con that the notification message CURRENTLY has, is that it'll appear again and again, which might annoy a person.

Think about it! Someone visits your website/blog,to read about some topics & first, at the visit, He/She sees a Welcome Message & feels good, then he/she clicks on a post's link & again the message is shown, It's Okay! But then it happens again & again, which might be Irritating sometimes. Don't you think?

So the real Problem is that whenever someone visits your site, he/she sees the Notification Message Again and Again, which means that our Notification message doesn't recognize Unique Visitors. That's why I highlighted the word"Currently" with Upper Case Characters (Capital Letters), because there is a possible solution to this. Infact, there can be two!

I haven't so far, been able to find "How-to" for the Problem. Maybe, when I'll find the solution for the problem of recurring Welcome Messages, annoying the users, in future, I'll post it, but for now, I can only tell you the Principle of the Solutions, to inform that there are definite possible solutions to the issue.

So of the problem, that Welcome Message, displays again & again, there can be following two solutions:

1. The Notification Message can be made to show up only on the Main Domain web-address, not on other webpages. For example, in my website, it is possible to display the welcome message only on:

"www.merryquest.blogspot.com", not on, "www.merryquest.blogspot.com/abc.html"

In this way, whenever someone visits "www.merryquest.blogspot.com", he/she will first see the Notification Welcome Message & then see nothing on every other page the users visit. It will be a good solution.

2. The Notification Message, can be made to recognise unique Visitors, like an advertisement Service , for instance, Adsense may do. Adsense is a service, by Google, that pays you to add some advertisements on your useful work, which is a service under Google & is one of the best in the world.

So that service, has a very good method to recognize who is a unique visitor, by using IP Address,that is a special number given to every computer, using Web Service, to recognise that he's different.

The same thing can be implied on Notification Welcome Messages. Someone visits your website, he/she sees your Welcome Message once, twice, thrice or whatever you want & then he/she doesn't see anything. No matter, if it's the Main Web Address or a webpage attached to the website.

You can also Customize the number of times to show welcome messages & till what time the message should be displayed. For Example, it is possible to fix the number of times, to be once in every 24 hours. So that after seeing the message one particular day, the same person/computer sees it again the next day. It's like Validity system.

As I mentioned earlier, For now, I haven't been able to solve the problem, but when I find its solution in future, I'll post it. I've explained the Principle to solve it, but not the method!

I guess, I've really talked a lot about the Con & its possible solution, My Bad! :P


So to add Notification Welcome Message to your Blogger blog, we'll use the most efficient & best way. We'll add an Html/JavaScript widget, with an Alert JavaScript about Welcome Message.

1. So first, to know how to add an Html/JavaScript to Blogger Blog, visit the following post:

View Now

2. Now, simply create a New Html/JavaScript Gadget, by going tot he layout section of your Blog Control Center, Pressing Add a Gadget & Choosing Html/JavaScript. In it, Copy & Paste the following Code:
Now Save the Widget.
You can use any text, instead of the word "Welcome" in the Code & that text will appear on User's Screen.

Don't forget to check, yourself, whether it's working correctly or not. I can say that it's working Right Now, I can't tell about future!

So that's it!

I hope you liked the above tutorial.

Show up your reviews or Query or anything you want to share, using the Comments section or The Contact Me Tab.

Image By Grant Cochrane, freedigitalphotos.net


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