Best Way-Control Startup Items: Windows 7

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Are you annoyed by a large number of items, showing up at start-up, making it tough to start the PC & taking a long time.

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Well, you can control the number of items that show on your desktop while Starting/Restarting the PC, with the best method, given here.


This was a Problem for me too. Whenever I turned on my PC, it had to load up a lot of softwares, which slowed the Startup. I simply used to press the Turn on Button, then I used to go for a small thing, like Drinking water. then by the time I was back, after 3-4 minutes, it had finally Fully turned on. There were many Softwares installed on the PC & deleting them should not be the solution. Simply not using them, because they load at start-up is not good.

One thing I noticed about Windows Startup, was that, there were many programs, which were not much used by me, but still loaded on Startup and there were Programs, (like Media Players), which I used, but didn't require them to load on Start-up.

So the solution of the Slow Windows Startup while Starting/Restarting, is to limit the number of Programs that load while starting up the Computer.


So to limit the Programs that load while starting up the Computer in Windows 7 (or I guess Windows XP & 8 too), Microsoft has provide System Configuration Settings, where there's a Startup tab, to Control what items to load, when System Turns On.

Note: Make sure, not to disable any Necessary System Process for startup, which can cause Problems in your system.

So to Coordinate the system items that show on Startup, follow below steps:

1. Start "Run", by Pressing "Windows" Button + "R".

2. Type "msconfig" there & Press "Enter" or "OK".

3. Now go-to the "Startup" tab.

There, you will see the list of various Programs, that currently load up, when Windows Starts up. The ticked ones will get loaded up & the ones with Arrow tick will not.

So Un-tick the programs that you don't want to load up when Windows Starts-up and click on "Apply".

You can also use the "Enable All" & "Disable All" Buttons, to Enable or Disable All the Programs, which is not recommended by me, because I think you would require at-least one Program to run after that, so make sure you do some changes after using these two buttons.

After Clicking on "Apply" & Pressing "OK", it will ask you to "Restart Now" or "Exit Without Restart". You can use "Exit Without Restart" option, do some work & then manually Restart the PC, to see the changes taking effect & faster load-up of the Computer.

That's it! I hope you've been able to resolve your problem, now. Do comment with your Queries or Opinions! or use the "Contact Me" Tab.

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