Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate-a Wonderful Software-Review

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I recently found a very nice software to convert videos for your device in almost every popular format and even download them from the internet, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate-a Real Wonderful product.

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So Today, I'd like to review it & share the good software with you.

If you want some details about the software with some Installation Instructions and How-To-s, View my post, "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate- Explained" :

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Also in another post by me, I've given a method to use mp4 format, in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, with some special settings to get videos of right size, according to your Android Device's SIZE, PROCESSOR SPEED & OTHER SPECIFICATIONS or for any other device that supports MP4 Format.

Here is the link to that post:

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The Current Post will deal with the Review (from my point of view, of-course!) about the quality of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate & its comparison with some other Video Converters (like Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate, which I mentioned in another post by me, earlier).

The link (download) for the software, from Cnet & Official Website has been mentioned at the bottom of the post.


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a software that has been built smartly. It is good for both the users, who want to convert their media from one format to another & the ones who want to edit some technical factors too.

Here's a screenshot of Software:

It's uniqueness lie in its Beautiful Vivid Interface & completely packed software, with some other features too, rather than just Video Conversion.

The above two things really impressed me.


doesn't only provide you with the Video Converter, there are some extras too. The latest current version (6.6.0) includes:

Video Converter (with some video editing features)
DVD Burner
Video Downloader
Media Player
Video Recorder

I'll try to review them now.

Please note that this post might not tell you how to use these above features, it may just tell you about their usefulness. See the link for the post "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate- Explained", as given on top of this post, to see small How-Tos.

DVD Burner

It's actually a DVD MOVIE BURNER and will not support any audio formats

Simplicity is the key to goodness of the DVD Burner in this software. I know many positive criticizers would say, "What's the need for DVD Burner? They are already very common, even the today's modern Operating systems have it."

Well I agree with you. But it's nice that they've packed this DVD Burner in their software, because you will then need not find anything else for Burning DVDs.

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate's DVD Movie Burner would really help when I might need to watch a movie on my a bit old Television, that doesn't support USB Mass Storage device. I could simply use my DVD Player to first quickly burn the videos using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and then watch them.

So the quick burning presets & quality options of this DVD Burner really aid in those kinda circumstances, to do things promptly.

Video Downloader

The Video Downloader will let you download videos from the Internet, by two ways: Providing URL & Browser Plugin. I personally prefer the first way. Even while installing Wondershare Video Converter, I didn't choose the option to install the Browser Plugin. It's simply because I find the former easier.

In that, you will simply need to provide the webpage from where Video was found & it'll be downloaded.

Wondershare Player

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has a good Media Player too. The current latest version (6.6.0) provides Media Player in its package.

It's a cool Media Player, with beautiful design and the features that you will require while playing your media. You can click a snapshot, add subtitles to your video, resize your video, manage playlists and do a lot more with it.

Wondershare Video Recorder

As the name suggests, Wondershare Video Recorder, will let you record any video that you'll play. Yes your read right! Videos playing on both the Internet and other Videos playing in Video Players can be recorded.

Isn't it awesome!

Wondershare Video/Audio Converter

Now let's come to the most essential part of this software, The Video Converter. It's not only a Video Converter, but a Video Editor too, which will let you edit your videos too.

The Phrases Video Converter and Video Editor differ by the fact that Video Convert converts your video from one format to another, whereas Video Editor will edit your video.

The Video Converter (plus Editor) will do many Video/Audio operations that you'll need in your daily life. Please don't compare it with a Video Encoder! Features like Cropping, Trimming, Subtitles, Bit-rate control, etc. are inclusive in it.

So I think that the above summarizes, what you'll get in your Software Package.


One of the best things about this software is its clear interface. The "Burn", "Convert" and "Download" options are in separate tabs. The "Video Recorder" & "Wondershare Player" have been given as separate applications.

Under the "Convert" Tab, Video Editing features and Conversion Features are separate. There's a small icon showing the Software preferences, Help Guide, FAQs and related stuff on the top-right corner.

With these features combined, still you'll be left with some empty space, which just makes the things look less messy, options easier to find and thus Beautiful.


"To everything in this world, there is a Con side too."

Well, Practically saying, I believe that the above saying is very true. There are always Pros and Cons associated with a product & this software Package is not an exception to this rule.

Comparing with other softwares, this one has many features that are not present in them, but there are certain features that are present in them, but not in this.
I hope the above line didn't get a little messy! :P

For instance, I couldn't find increasing the base volume to 150% or decreasing it & changing the complete Audio Track of a video.

Whereas, the features like, presence of Complete Softwares Suite inclusive of Video Recorder, Burner and downloader are very unique in it.

But I think I'm going bit too much technical & this thing is very acceptable.

Also maybe in some future update, these features along with many others, might be added. That's what Updates are for! Isn't it?


Personally, I'd say that you should atleast try this software, there is a trial version available, with a few limitations, for free, The premium one is Paid. So I'd recommend that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate should atleast be tested, using the Trial Version. Test it for yourself & even compare with other Video Converters.

After that, from your own wit, decide whether you'd like to go for the paid Full Version, to remove limitations or not.

I believe, it's a very nice software.


So to get or try the software, see the following download links:


Visit Now

Official Website

Visit Now

That's it.

I hope you found the above review useful.

To share information about Wondershare Video Converter yourself  (your own review) OR Asking a question, use the comment box, below. You can also visit the Official Website for the same.

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