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I've put a review about a Software called Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, on the following post:

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Also in another post by me, I've given a method to use mp4 format, in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, with some settings to get videos of right size, according to your Android Device's SIZE, PROCESSOR SPEED & OTHER SPECIFICATIONS or for any other device that supports MP4 Format. Here is the link to that post:

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Here's a Screenshot of the Software

It was a very nice software. In this post, I will like to mention some details about it, including some How-To-s, Installation Instructions and some related stuff.


So first, I'd like to provide the download link for the software. It is available in two versions, The Free Trial & The Paid Full Version.

Anyhow, here are two trustable links to get the Software:


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Official Website

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So after downloading the software, there's a need to install it. Infact, The latest version (6.6.0 currently as on 19/11/2013) has a suite of Softwares providing a variety of functions, including:

Video Converter (with some video editing features)
DVD Burner
Video Downloader
Media Player
Video Recorder
Although the Setup File for them is one.

The Official Website (wondershare.com), may provide you the Online Installer. Download & Run it. It'll then start the process by steps and if you carry on, it'll download the Software package for you in one of the steps. After that, it'll run another setup and finally launch the software for you.

This will setup the DVD Burner, Video Downloader and the Video Converter functions.

The Media Player & the Video Recorder functions still remain.

On the first run of the Video Converter Ultimate, you'll be asked to install the Media Player. The process has been automated and the Media Player will also be installed.

To setup the Video Recorder, simply access it from the Start Menu>>All Programs>>Wondershare Section. On the first run, it'll take some time to launch the Virtual Sound Card, then you'll be asked to Turn on any Video to Record.

So summing up, The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate package consists of three .exe applications:

1. Video Converter Ultimate, with DVD Burner & Video Downloader.
2. Wondershare Player
3. Video Recorder

All these can accessed from Start Menu>>All Programs>>Wondershare Section.


As I said Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is All-in-One combo, providing you with DVD Burner, Video Downloader, Media Player, Video Recorder and of-course the Video Converter itself.

Let's talk of them all, one by one.

One of the best overall good things about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is that everything has been shown very clearly in its interface and you can navigate to every option, without losing your way by getting confused.

DVD Burner

It's actually a DVD MOVIE BURNER and will not support any audio formats. Some small How-to-use this steps are:

1. First, you'll need to open Wondershare Video Converter Software. Then visit the "Burn" option, on top.

2. Now, add some video files to it. Almost all Video Formats are supported. You can even load a DVD Folder, an ISO or IFO file. (I'll talk about these files after these steps.)

3. Select the template cover you want for your DVD movie, you can also choose "No Menu" or the cover you want, you can also do some editings in it, by adding some text or a background picture.

4. Now the "Burn to" section is very interesting! You can choose whether to save your output directly, into a DVD (by burning), or into a folder or into an ISO File.

The folder & iso files can later be opened to check what quality output you'll get & then can be loaded as an input to finally burn them into DVD.

5. Then finally the Quality section is also very important. There are 3 basic presets: "High Quality", "Fit to Disc" & "Standard".

"Fit to Disc" will come to the rescue when you wanna burn a lot of files.

Finally use the large "Burn" Option on the bottom-left screen corner, to trigger the starter.

ISO File

ISO Files are good modern days file formats. They are very popular these days. They are simply considered to the best in DVD Images category.

It's a single file that contains all the data that a DVD, CD or a Blu ray would have. It can be loaded easily, without inserting the disc itself.

A popular software for making these ISO Files from CDs or DVDs and then loading them is Daemon Tools.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports both the input and output using an ISO File of a DVD Movie.

Video Downloader

The Video Downloader of this software helps to download videos from the Internet. Two ways have been provided for doing so.

1. The Browser Plugin

Well, the Browser Plugin adds a small plugin to your browser, where whenever you play videos, you can simply push the Download Button, that'll then appear.

2. Providing Video URL

The second way to download videos, requires you to give the webpage URL, from where you want to download the Video. It'll then analyse & see if the Video is gettable or not. This can be done, by visiting the "Download" section of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Note: There are many websites that don't allow downloading videos at all. This Software is not an exception to this rule.

I personally prefer the second way. Even while installing Wondershare Video Converter, I didn't choose the option to install the Browser Plugin. It's simply because I find the latter one easier.

Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player has beautiful design and the features that you will require while playing your media. You can click a snapshot, add subtitles to your video, resize your video, manage playlists and do a lot more with it.

You can also uninstall the Media Player if you only want to keep the Video Converter Ultimate. You might wanna do it in cases when you have insufficient memory. To do it, visit the Programs list in your PC & uninstall the Wondershare Player. Like there's a Program & Features option in Control Panel of Microsoft's Windows PC OS.

Wondershare Video Recorder

Another wonderful epitome of this Suite is the Wondershare Video Recorder. It can accessed from the Start Menu>>All Programs>>Wondershare Section.

On running it, you'll be asked to Turn on any Video to Record.

Now this is the Wonderful Part. Any Video that you'll launch or play, even the ones on the Internet can be recorded, by recording the screen. Isn't it great!

When you'll play the video, a small dialogue box will be shown on top of it, pressing play will begin Recording it.

Wondershare Video Converter

Now let's come to the most essential part of this software, The Video Converter.

To start using the Converter, visit the Convert Tab on the top of the software screen. You can drag media files to it, or simply use the Add Files option to browse for Media Files.

Video Editing features have also been provided.

The Phrases Video Converter and Video Editor differ by the fact that Video Convert converts your video from one format to another, with controllable factor like Bitrate, frequency, resolution etc. whereas Video Editor will edit your video with features like Cropping, Trimming, adding some visual Effects, etc. So the basic difference in the two is that the features, they have are different.

Video/Audio Conversion

Video Conversion features can be found in the Settings option on the Bottom-Right Hand side of the Software Screen, once you've added a video.

1. First you'll need to select the Format/Preset you want to output to have, use the Drop-Down Menu on the Right Hand Side.

MP4 is very preferable format for videos and MP3 for audio files, these days.

Some 3D, Web, HD & Special designed device Presets are also available.

2. If you want to convert the video quickly, without much technicalities about the output, you can skip this step.

Now, we'll edit the Bitrate, Video resolution and Sample Rate for the file. To commence, use the "Settings" option on Bottom-right corner of the Software screen.

Some good basic settings have been added, by the Options: "High Quality", "Standard" & "Small Size". You can use them, they'll be good. But if you still want to do some changes, use the following intel:

Under the Video Tab,

Encoder: Well Smart Fit option will be best for it. Let the software decide what will be good! This is one of the very nice features of this.

Resolution: Here also, Smart Fit feature will maintain the default resolution of video, that is input. To change it, simply decide where you wanna play the output.

Like, if you have a small phone & you wanna play video in it, 320*240 resolution will be good. For bigger screens, like TV, you can even use 1920*1080 Resolution, but then you'll require a very good player too.

Frame Rate: 29 or 30 Frame Rate may give you good quality.

Bit-rate: This will determine how clear your picture is, lower bitrates will produce pictures with boxes like pixels, making them unclear. 2000 Bitrate will produce good output.

Under the Audio Tab,

Here the most essential setting is Bit-rate, but this time, it's Audio Bitrate. It'll determine how clear your Audio Output is, 128 Kbps is a choice for having clear Audio Output.

Video/Audio Editing

When you'll input a Video/Audio file, an Edit option will be visible just where it's shown. Use that to Trim (Cut a Part/Segment of Video), Crop your Video (Cut the video screen), adding Special Effects, Watermark and Subtitles.

Note: While Cropping your video, make sure you see the output & section showing Aspect Ratios (Original Size, 16:9, fullscreen, etc.) carefully, to obtain a decent Output.

So now, when you're satisfied with your Settings, simply press the Convert Button to start Video Conversion, you can also use "Merge all videos into one file" if you want. Also choose your output location, before commencing conversion.


The Wondershare Help Section, FAQs, Solutions, Tips, Customer Support, etc. can all be found on its official website, in the following link:

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I think, now I've talked a lot about the software, this was a thesis on using it, don't forget to read my review about it (mentioned in the link on the top of this post).

To share information about Wondershare Video Converter yourself  (your own review) OR Asking a question, use the comment box, below. You can also visit the Official Website for the same.

Image By Boians Cho Joo Young, freedigitalphotos.net


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