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Today I'd like to display a small tutorial to convert any Video File into mp4 format (even the ones already in mp4), so that they run properly in the device you would want to play them, maintaining Good Quality & Moderate Size. But before we begin, some related posts:

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Let's carry on with our current post now.

Note: A media file can be converted from Higher Quality to Lower, but not Lower to Higher!

First of all, you'll need to have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on your PC, you can check out the above posts' links for it, OR if you need, straightaway the official website link, here it is:

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Here's the Software Screenshot:

Let's discuss about the current post now,

To explain what I'm gonna tell you today, I'd like to quote an example first. Consider, you have a phone with Screen Resolution 320*240. Now you would also want to play videos in it. Now, HD Videos of resolution upto 720p or 1080p might not play properly in it & may run slow.Whereas smaller videos of resolution upto 144p might not look clear and have a bad quality.

What I wanted to explain, with the above example is that if a Video of resolution upto 360p, looks very CLEAR on your device, although it might not look that clear on the Bigger Screen.

So Today I'd like to show you, how to convert video into Appropriate size & quality, so that it works smoothly and looks good on your device & related devices only. In this way you preserve both, your MEMORY & Video QUALITY.

To do it, I'll make use of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Today.


So now that you've known that we're gonna convert video into mp4 format, preserving its Quality (only on your device), size, cropping and related stuff, so that it occupies low memory. Here are the steps:

1. Input your video in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, after opening the software (In the Convert Tab).

After inputting, we'll have two basic aims: To edit the Video & To convert the Video. Both are are different things, considering the functions they have.

2. Now to Edit the video first, Press "Edit", right next to the input video. There should be five options there, Trimming, Cropping, Effect, Watermark & Subtitles.

I like to Crop my videos so as to remove the top and bottom margins on it. You can do it too, if you wan to.

Note: Under "Crop" tab, make sure you see the output & section showing Aspect Ratios (Original Size, 16:9, fullscreen, etc.) carefully, to obtain a decent Output.

16:9 is very famous & preferable these days!

3. After that, it's time to Convert, which is also important. For Conversion Settings, see the "Settings" option on the Bottom Right side of the software screen. I'm explaining the use of some determinant parameters now:

Video Resolution

This varies from device to device & depends largely on the screen size. For example, Devices like Galaxy Mini & Galaxy Y might use a resolution of 320*240. Whereas for Galaxy Note like Devices, 720*480 will be efficient.

Video Bitrate

This is what determines the clarity of the Video. Again largely being dependent upon the Screen Size, Devices like Galaxy Mini & Galaxy Y might use Video Bitrate of 384 or 512 kbps. Whereas for Galaxy Note like Devices, atleast 1500 kbps will be efficient.

Audio Bitrate

For all devices, for good quality with maintenance of lesser memory usage, Audio Bitrate of 128 kbps is preferable.

All the rest of the settings might be set to "Smart Fit" (a good feature of the Software!)

4. Simply convert the Video & then after transferring it into your Device, Test it (not on your PC). You should now have a good video, according to your device's requirements

SO, I hope you liked the above way.

Do comment with your queries, reviews, or even to Contact me OR See the Contact me Tab, for other options to Contact Me.


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