Use Android as Webcam for PC (USB)- Tested

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It's time for another post, I hope, it's good!

Today I'm gonna articulate my views on an innovative way to use your Android Device (Phone/Tablet) as a Webcam for PC, using USB connection method.

We'll make use of an Android App, called DroidCam Wireless Webcam.

Although this procedure may be used for other kinds of connections also, like Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. But since, I, myself was able to test it with USB only, so I may only explain that. I may also give a few special instructions for troubleshooting a very annoying error.

*Tested on Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570*


So fellas! this method ain't something imaginable easily, its innovative. I mean, asking your Phone, to understand PC & then get employ its camera to work for PC, is really magnificent!

It'll allow you to save a lot of Money, that you might spend on a Webcam. Not only that, it is very portable too. You need not carry another device, while travelling, you might already be carrying your Phone & Laptop everywhere, nothing extra, like a Webcam Device & cables are needed.

Also, not only that you can shock your friends who might be Mind-Blown after seeing this. They might ask, How did you do it?

As the magicians say, if the secret behind trick is seen, then the fun for spectators is over. But also, it is said that Helping people is a very good Habit! So it totally depends upon you, whether you wanna share it or not. Use your conscience!

You can do it all & make your Android Phone a webcam, which can then be utilized for Video Conferencing/ Video Chatting on Services like The Popular Skype.


1. Please follow the instructions carefully. I might not be considered responsible for any troubles on your Device, while using it.

Don't worry if you be careful, everything will just go smoothly!

2. I've myself tested this procedure on Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 (Android 2.3- Gingerbread), using USB Connection, allowing only Video to Stream & on the PC Side-Windows 7. So I may merely be able to explain the USB Version only, only for Video, not as Microphone.

With this way, I've used Video Conferencing Service of Skype & it worked like a charm (I used a Microphone Device separately).

3. Some of the settings & options, mentioned here would be related to my device only. But don't get muddled, most of the Android systems are more or less the similar, so you might be able to find the same for your Android version too.

4. Since, this way is in its early stages, & also the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app has received 3.8/5 Rating, based on a total of 4,126 Votes.

The method might be buggy, so be ready to face a few annoying problems.

But still, its totally worth it, isn't it? As I talked about earlier, whenever I show someone this thing, they receive a thunderclap! saying I haven't even thought that this could be possible. How did you do it?

Then I just make sure that they don't get the secret behind this method out from me easily! lol! (:P)


So for using your Android Device as webcam for PC, utterly, there are some pre-requirements, other than your Android Phone itself (and PC Of-course!), see the following:

1. DroidCam Wireless Webcam Android App

SO first up, Download & Install the Droidcam Wireless Webcam App on your Android Phone, which will enable your device, to use it as a Webcam.

The App comes in two versions, "DroidCam Wireless Webcam"-free version & "DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro"-Paid Version. The Paid Version has some extra features. But you should try the Free Version First. If it works well, then only, you should go for the Paid one.

Note: Read the reviews of Paid Version carefully. Some users have reported HD not working or other issues, be sure, before buying!

Here's the Google Play Store/Android Market Link for the DroidCam Wireless Webcam (Free):

Visit Now

Use the Paid Version (If you want), only after Free Version works well for you, use the Google Play Store link to find the App's Paid Version (DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro):

Visit Now

Install the App on your Android Device, by Searching the Google Play Store (Android Market) or signing in through your Google Account on the Internet.

You'll be required to open this app, while using your Android Device as Webcam. It also has a "Settings" Option, allowing you to have some options, like "Keeping Phone Awake", "Auto Dim", "Using Front Camera" & "Connection Port" to use.

2. DroidCam PC Client

Now it's crucial to have a PC Client also, installed on your Windows/Linux Operating System. Download the Windows Client on the the official website of the App, below:

Visit Now

Now, there's an issue here, the latest Version 3.6.2 DroidCam Windows Client was shown to be a threat by Antivirus, but still I had gone too far ahead to put a halt to this experiment. So, I took the risk of using the file anyways & I'm still doing it! It worked fine.

On the other hand, The virus detection ratio is 2/49 (currently on 23/12/2013), which mean two out of 49 databases, consider it as Virus, which is very less for anything to be declared as True Virus (according to me!).

So use this DroidCam latest PC Client carefully, you could stop, if you're not that much desperate. Use it at your own risk. I'm not sure if it's truly a virus or not.

But since, it is working fine for me, I think that it'll do the same for you too.

SO if you've decided to proceed (just like I did!), just open the DroidCam PC Client Zip File & Install it anywhere you need (But for safety, like me, keep it in the default installation Folder). If you have an earlier version of DroidCam PC Client (that was virus-free & works well), I'll advise not to install the new one.

The interface for the PC Client has not been muddled, it can be understood easily. When Clicked on "Connect to Phone (USB)" option, USB Section appears. The IP is set to for USB & there are option for Streaming "Video" & "Audio". Drop Down menu-s for Rotation fo Video Screen & choosing the Video Resolution are also available.

On the Bottom-Left Corner, there a Button like-"..." which also has further options, like Showing Camera Output, using LED Flash, Zooming In & Out, etc.

You'll need this Software turned on, while Connect your Android Device as Webcam for PC.

3. USB Drivers

USB Drivers are also significant for this method to work properly. How would your PC Recognize the Phone? There's an option for "USB Debugging" on many Android Phones, you'll need to get that checked.

On Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570, operating on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) this option is available in the path: "Settings" App>>"Applications">>"Development">>"USB debugging". After checking the option, you might get a little message saying something like This is option for Developers... Just Press "Ok" anyways.

Similarly, Find & Enable USB Debugging option in your Android Carrier, if it's not there, just read ahead, there's a BETTER ALTERNATIVE.

Although only enabling USB Debugging may work, but I think that only Enabling this feature might not be enough. I believe that USB Drivers, that enable transfer of files between Android Device and PC are also required. For Samsung Phones, I've already given a post about installing USB Drivers, see it in the link below:

View Now

SO you may Search for USB Drivers on your Devices too, on Google. For Example, you may probe with the expression,"HTC Wildfire Phone USB Drivers".

4. Bluestacks (For Troubleshooting an error)

Now with this header, some may ask, what is Bluestacks doing here & even What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks Android App Player is a software, that enables you to run Android Apps on PC, to know about How to install or use it, see the following Post:

View Now

Now, I'll reply the other question, about What is Bluestacks doing here & Why is it required to Troubleshoot an Error?

First of all, Having Bluestacks Installed, may be one way of resolving the following error:

The other ways, I don't know if they even exist! lol!

Now, if you receive the error, mentioned in the above image, with words:

Connection failed, please try again.
Check IP and Port.
Check Network Connection.
For USB Connection, you must have device drivers installed.

The reasons can be many, in my case, I think the menace was with the adb.exe or Android Debug Bridge Application of the DroidCam PC Client, for that, the solution can be found on the Post in the link below, by me:

View Now

Bluestacks (tested on version, which also uses Android Debug Bridge (ADB) will help resolve the issue. I think other versions of Bluestacks may also work just fine. As I said, the post in the link above will help.

Now, Finally, we're ready to start the Webcam Service, Let's just get to the next Header. I tell, Completing all the Pre-requirements was the tougher part, Now, let's we just need to use what we've setup.


So relieved, to reach this section finally. Phew!

So let's commence using Android as Webcam for PC, using USB Connection:

1. Connect your Phone to PC, using the USB Data Cable. make sure that "USB Debugging" is On, as mentioned in Pre-Requisites. For Safety, having USB Drivers installed, for your carrier, is a great plus.

2. Launch the DroidCam Wireless Webcam App, on Android device side 7 DroidCam PC Client on PC.

3. Click on "Connect to Phone (USB)" on PC side. Under the USB section that now appears on the CLient, the Phone IP should be already set to "Port" is a four digit number, make sure that this number is same on both PC Side & the "Settings' option of the DroidCam Android App.

4. Choose Video, Audio or Both. As I talked about earlier, I tested only for Video & it has also been mentioned on the App Description, currently on Google Play Store that Microphone or Audio is experimental.

5. Choose the Video resolution & Rotation, if you need, I haven't tried these!

6. Click on "Connect" Button and it should now connect, if everything mentioned here was done right, you'll get the Webcam for PC.

The camera Output can be seen in the "..." Button on the Bottom-Left Corner of the Software, by choosing "Show Camera Output".

Also Skype should recognize this webcam automatically, which it did, for me. I use Skype 6.1. If Skype 6.2 shows problems accessing the Camera, it is recommended that you re-download the app and client.

Note: Even after doing everything right, If DroidCam shows error, one of the errors' solution has been given in the Prerequisites section of this post. I hope that it solves your issue.

Now, Guys, I know that this way looks to be full of bugs, but As I said, it's totally worth it! I really wish, you get this fully functioning on your PC.
Check the DroidCam Developer website, for more information, FAQs & troubleshooting. I hope, you get your problems solved:

Visit Now

Comment with your your reviews/queries (I'm unsure that I'll be able to solve them!) or even to Contact Me.
You can also contact me from the "Contact Me" section of website, which includes some private options too.


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

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