{Solved} DroidCam Connection Failed Error (USB)

Hey mates!

I recently posted a method about referring to Use Android Device as Webcam for PC. This post is about an error I incurred while using the PC Client. It'll consist of some information and possible solutions for the issue.

Note: I guess this error is more prominent in Windows x64 (64 bit), rather than Windows x86 (32 bit).

The post discussing about Using DroidCam as Webcam for PC, is in the link, mentioned below:

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*Tested on Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570*

It's really annoying Error. I occurs when you've done everything fine. You have accomplished all the Prerequisites. You have Installed and are running the DroidCam PC Client, you have Downloaded, installed are running the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app on Android, your USB drivers are good & you have USB Debugging on, on your Android Phone/Tablet.

But still an error! Here's the screenshot for it:

The words for the error as follows:

Connection failed, please try again.
Check IP and Port.
Check Network Connection.
For USB Connection, you must have device drivers installed.

I don't know the proper reason behind the error, but yeah! there's a solution.

Now, the above mentioned error cannot be just from a single source, there could be many reasons behind it. So I Re-installed everything, The PC Client, The DroidCam app, the Drivers! Oh! I even tried different version for drivers, but still no clue.

There were even more complications, DroidCam, under the same conditions used to work for me earlier, but suddenly stops doing it now!

So the problem was that The DroidCam PC Client wasn't even able to reach/Contact my Android Device. But everything was fine. So the solution was found by assuming that DroidCam PC Client was faulty. From the Official Website I came to know that DroidCam uses ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

One day, when I launched Bluestacks & killed "adb.exe" in Task Manager, unintentionally, just trying. Voila! it worked, DroidCam Commenced working. I was out of Predicament!

You all might say that "this was for a very small Goal", but sometimes, when you're after something, it doesn't matter, what the Final Achievement is, the journey becomes more essential, isn't it?


As I said, the above mentioned error can be due to many reasons, but if the Reason is that the Android Debug Bridge (adb.exe) isn't working good, then you might find the solution here.

I don't know why, but since Bluestacks also uses the ADB, the right one! we can tell DroidCam to use the same, is the possible Principle Theory behind this error & its remedy.

So you'll need to Download & Install Bluestacks Android App Player for PC to rectify this issue. It'll also help your run Android Apps on your PC (Imagine the big screen!). I've tested it on Bluestacks, but I guess (not sure) it may work for other versions of Bluestacks too.

Following Post will show you, how to Download & Install Bluestacks Android App Player on PC:

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After successfully downloading & installing Bluestacks, following steps have to be followed with Exact Order (be careful):

1. When you'll run the Connection, after doing everything & you encounter the error, Press OK.

2. Run Bluestacks (maybe, other versions will also work)
3. Try Connecting again, this time, it'll take a little bit more time, saying, adb server is out of date, BUT STILL NOT CONNECT (same error).
4. Right-click bluestacks in notification area & STOP (Exit) it.
5. Now, End the Process "adb.exe" in task manager.

Use Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys in Windows 7+ OS, others (like Windows XP), use Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Under the Processes Tab, right Click & End the Process "adb.exe", by right clicking it.

Caution: Don't End any other Processes.

6. Finally, connect & this time, it should work!!!

Phew! I really hope, you were able to access the WebCam for PC now, after removing errors.

Image by digitalart, freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Really Thank you very much.......Thanks A ton It.s working

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you got Droidcam functioning well for you!

    2. when I used blue stacks3, it worked only that it used laptop camera instead of phone camera

  2. in bluestacks when am I start it appear black screen
    please help me bro

    1. hmmm it could be because of latest bluestacks version, let's try to do it without bluestacks. Check the following xda post out:

      After installing ADB, follow the steps:

      1. Start Command Prompt from accessories in Start Menu & run the command "adb devices", by typing it & pressing Enter.
      2. Then, try to connect droidcam.

      I hope it works. In case it doesn't, Reply Back, we'll try something else this time. :)

  3. the solutin at the end really worked ......thanks....

  4. I have another problem for connection over usb.
    Say connection lost

    help me

    1. Oh! Sure... I think that can arise due to USB not working properly, which should mean that you'd need to install the required drivers on your PC.

  5. Yes Mohak Thanx for sharing this solution really work..!! awesome..

  6. not working for me .. still saying no devices ditected .. not working with mobogenie too and kingo (root)
    My device is xperia E4 dual

    1. Hi!

      Okay, there could be some other problem with the connection between your device and PC. What you will have to do is, diagnose it by first finding it and then the solution, don't worry! The most important steps, which are often missed out are ENABLING USB DEBUGGING and proper ADB Connection.

      You can enable USB debugging from your device's settings and about the ADB, you can confirm, if it's working by attaching your device (using USB) with debugging ON and then run a command in command prompt:

      adb devices

      If some numbers show up, which is your device's code, that means adb & USB debugging are working. Now try to use DroidCam. It should work. Also, here's a post about a longer guide to install & use DroidCam:


      In case your device does not show up in Command Prompt, you can try installing the following ADB Drivers:


      I hope this works. All the best

  7. Mine says: Camera Error: Failed to set picture size.
    I dont know why this happens :( :(

  8. the pc client is showing an error 'No devices detected',but my adb is detecting my device

  9. the pc client is showing an error 'No devices detected',but my adb is detecting my device

  10. Droid cam was working last year, I have uninstalled both in phone and client.
    After re installation, it says Connection failed, please try again. Entered Ip and port as displayed in android phone, but no luck. It works fine with USB only.

    1. its not working with USB for me always saying "No Device detected" even i have installed in my smart phone ass well USB dubbing okay showing my phone in pc its android version 6.0 please any trick if any one knows.

  11. thanks, that worked for me !

  12. The Tencent Gaming Buddy is build on bluestack and when I try your way when I stop getting the "no devices detected" error and just nothing happens when I click connect. :c

  13. This blog is a punchy bit of composing, as it has a solid impact.

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