Get Lucky Egg-Pokemon White 2/Black 2 {Method}

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Today It's the Luck Day, to present the procedure to get Lucky Egg, in the awesome game, called Pokemon White 2/Black 2. Hope you're ready for it!

I want to make this post available & nicely understandable, not only to Pokemon Fans, so I'll explain it a bit! I hope that I'll be able to make you understand.


So some Pokemon fans, especially the ones who play Pokemon Video Games (like me!), might already know what Lucky Egg is. Although the function of the Lucky Egg has slightly varied in different generations of Pokemon, currently 6 (from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow to Pokemon X/Y), but I can definitely tell you what the basic function of a Lucky Egg is.

It's a held item, which when given to any pokemon to hold, makes it learn extra experience points, more than it usually learns, when it takes part in a Pokemon fight that you win.

In short, if you give this Lucky Egg to a Pokemon, which you want to level up, it'll do it quicker than usual.

Well, if you wanna know what Pokemon Levels are: Pokemon Levels determine a Pokemon's strength (not only physical), based on the previous battles' experience it has. So a more trained pokemon which has fought more battles, has higher level.

Also, A pokemon  defeating other pokemon of higher level, gets higher Experience Points to level up. But Lucky Egg holding Pokemon, will get even more experience points!

And finally, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are slightly different from each other, based on the regions & Pokemon they have, although the basic storyline is quite similar.


In Pokemon Black/White, one gets Lucky Egg, in its Route travelling only (pacing through main game), as a gift from Professor Juniper.

But in Pokemon Black 2/White 2, a little exploration has to be done. It can be found in "Celestial Tower", while going through the story (not after completing it!)


Please note that, you can get Luck Egg, in Pokemon Black 2/White 2, only in a special moment in the game's story, not after or before that (I'm 90% sure about it!).

So to get Lucky Egg in Pokemon White 2/Black 2, do as follows:

To get it, it is a requirement to pace through the storyline of the game, until you reach Mistralton City for the first time, in the game, using the "Cargo Service". Then, there will be a moment, when the Gym Leader, "Skyla" of Mistralton City, will ask you if you wanna battle now, or see Professor Juniper, in the "Celestial Tower."

This talk will be repeated in some other conversations in the game, which will be a Hint that there is something very Important in the Celestial Tower, we know it's Lucky Egg.

So in short, you need to visit Professor Juniper in the Celestial Tower, through "Route 7" before defeating Skyla, in the Mistralton City Gym.

I believe that you can't get Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black 2/White 2, before or after that scenario.

By the way, you can also have a very good trade of your "Emolga", with "Gigalith" (only gettable using Trade with other Players, otherwise), from a Hiker in a House in Route 7.

That's it!

I hope you liked the above information.

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