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Today I'd like to talk about the usefulness of installing ES File Explorer on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC.

Thank you for visiting here. Featuring my own commentary, I've created a video to show quick features of ES File Explorer & way to download it, even using an APK file. Check that out, I hope you like it:

I've already reviewed ES File Explorer, see it on the following post, if you need:

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You can also take this post as a SHORT-REVIEW, on ES File Explorer.


ES File Explorer, as the name suggests, is a file explorer for viewing files on Android OS, but it's not just a File Explorer, it's a constituent of many other apps too.

I've observed a vast improvement in this app, after upgrade to its version 3, which is now based on Android 4.0+ operating system, rather than previous Android 2.3 base. It has become a lot faster after its upgrade & that's the major advantage of this app.
The "Fast Access" options provide a prompt access. I especially appreciate the inclusion of fast "Library" Access, which can show you only Documents/Music/Movies/Images, which when combined with ES Media Player, becomes a great advantage.

It's similar to the saying: 1 and 1 make 11 !

The inclusion of Media Player (Video/Audio), Image Viewer, Download Manager, Downloadable Task Manager, SD Card Analyst, Root Explorer, Quick & adorable Gesture Control, are some of the big Plus Points of ES File Explorer.

But still, Everything in this world has a few Faults & there is no exception in case of ES File Explorer. Like, some (few!) users have reported that ES Download Manager doesn't function properly & sometimes the Bluetooth sharing doesn't proceed well, while using ES File Explorer.

But still ES File Explorer has an average rating of 4.7/5 on Google Play Store, currently based on a total of 391,778 votes, which is definitely a rating of the Outstanding apps. So I believe that one must atleast give this app a try.


So for the game to be installed, on bluestacks, you should first have Bluestacks, installed on your PC. By the way, Bluestacks is a software that lets you run numerous Android Apps on your PC, only.

Here's an article that gives a review about Bluestacks & also tells you, how to download & install it:

Here's the download link for Bluestacks, straight way, if you need:


Es File Explorer can be Downloaded and Installed on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, in two ways, which is quite different from other Android Apps:

1. Fortunately, the Developers of ES File Explorer provide the apk(Android Package, a sort of Installation guide/setup on Android OS), which for now though ( I can't say about the Future).

So you can Download the ES File Explorer apk on Official website, of ES App Group, below:

So after downloading this apk file on your PC, which didn't require the use of Bluestacks, simply run the Apk File, Bluestacks may recognize & install it spontaneously.

If Bluestacks wasn't able to recognize it, see the following post by me, for solution:

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That's it, the app may now run on Bluestacks. So having apk is a good way to install apps, isn't it?

2. The second way is the one, which we typically use to Download & Install Android Apps, on Bluestacks. For that, you'll need to run Google Play Store/Android Market, first on your Bluestacks; the post given by me below will tell you how to run Google Play Store on Bluestacks:

Now, in Android Market / Play Store, Search for "ES File Explorer", then download & Install it.

Also, here's the Google Play Store/Android Market link to ES File Explorer Free for Android:

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That my Fellas, is it!

So I hope that you would have liked ES File Explorer.

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