{Solution} Temple Run 2 Tilting on Bluestacks

Hey Guys

So today I'm gonna present a good solution to a small problem, which will help you play Temple Run 2 nicely, on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC.

In short, a method to tilt, like in phone, to play Temple Run 2 with full Control (movement) features, will be shown here.
A recent query (comment) on my post, which showed the way to run Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, made me look carefully on this matter. Temple Run 2 was running well on PC, with bluestacks, but full controls weren't accessible. Some Players and fans of Temple Run 2 might already know about it.

Actually when playing Temple Run 2 on Phone, the Player needs to tilt the phone/device, to move the game character to the right or left of the path. But how can you do this on PC, while playing Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks. Once cannot pick up the monitor & turn it around!!! lol!!! How funny would that be!!! :P

So one solution of this, can be using Arrow Keys on Keyboard, in order to navigate the Player to the left or right side of the path, Seems Legit!!!! But How to teach this to Bluestacks?

I don't know why, but Bluestacks already knows this. You can use Arrow Keys to move the Player to the left or Right side of the path, while Playing Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks for PC, to have features like tilting in Phone. And I tell you, this is a very essential control movement, if you wanna make Highscore in the game.

But the Arrow Keys don't work straight away, after you install Temple Run 2. You need to make a little change. The Arrow Keys tilting in Temple Run 2 won't work on "Default" small screen setting in Bluestacks, they'll work in Fullscreen "Tablet" setting. That's the secret behind the solution!!!

Actually earlier, I wasn't even able to access Fullscreen in Temple Run 2, but I think, after a small Bluestacks upgrade, I was able to do it & thereby got two solutions: Fullscreen & tilting.

Didn't I tell you, small but the fruit is big!!! Temple Run requires tilting to play it properly.

Anyways the link to post showing, How to Download & Install Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, is below:

View Now


So, in order to have features of tilting (like in Phone), in Temple Run 2, being played on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, for moving the Player to the left or Right side of the Path, use the method below:

Note: This method was tested on Bluestacks beta for Windows. Don't worry, if you have another Bluestacks version, try this method anyways.

The below mentioned steps might be near to the settings in your Bluestacks version, just do a little browsing of your bluestacks settings. Our goal is to launch "Tablet" mode of Temple Run 2, in Bluestacks for PC.

1. After Downloading, Temple Run 2 on Bluestacks for PC. We'll need to have Fullscreen tablet setting for it. So for that, click on "Settings" button on the bottom-right side of Bluestacks Screen.

See the screenshot below, for help:

2. Now click on "Manage Applications".

3. Now, in front of "Temple Run 2", choose "Tablet" checkbox & press "Done".
(A message telling that you need to Restart the application might be shown).

4. You need to start the game now, it should be Fullscreen (wide) & you would also be able to use Arrows keys for tilting in game.

That's it!

This method works for you, is my hope.

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  1. not working for wingsuit pro

    1. Hey!

      I just tried playing Wingsuit Lite on Bluestacks and it worked fine, So I guess Wingsuit Pro may also work. What kinda error are you noticing?

  2. Hello!
    I have a big problem that I haven't found a solution to.
    I play the first Temple Run using Bluestacks, but as I'm running in the game, sometimes the arrow keys don't work and sometimes they do, therefore I keep getting out in the game. Basically, I'm running in the game and I go to use an arrow key to either go left or right or to jump, but they won't work sometimes and sometimes they do.

    Can you please help me with this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Andrew!

      Hmm, I understand the glitch. It must be frustration. I've heard of this issue for the first time, but anyways, I think you should try to use mouse for the controls, like Press and hold left mouse button and move the cursor up for jumping and left & right movement with mouse only in the similar fashion. Maybe then the controls may not go offline.

      I hope the problem resolves!

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  4. I am playing AJ Jump, and the controls don't work. Any help?

    1. Hi!

      I'm not sure, I haven't tried that game yet.

  5. the solution is nt workd!!!

  6. its not working in macbook... its working in wide screen. but i can't control the tilt function.!!!

  7. can u please fix the problem....?

  8. please am not able to tilt on my pc and moreover i have changed it from default to tablet but still cant tilt

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