ES File Explorer- Review (Terrific App)

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I hope you're fine! I'm gonna talk about ES File Explorer now, which is a very good Android App. One of the best things in it: it's the combination of many!

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My own Personal Experience of the app ES File Explorer & related stuff (of ES App Group) will be the basis of this review.

This post may go a bit long, taking into account the fact that some details have also been inserted in this. I have also added a post to Download & Install ES File Explorer on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC. That post can also be viewed as a SHORTER-REVIEW of ES File Explorer, it's link is as follows:

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ES was always a very good app, but now, it has become even better, in its third version, which is based on Android 4.0 (Icecream Sandwich) like devices rather than Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). It has become a lot faster & even more beautiful in its current latest version.

You can definitely have a metaphor to this development as a Fat Person quickly losing weight & getting better! :P. I just wish the developers of ES File Explorer, don't create any bugs in their app, simply thinking of new developments in it.

Anyways, that's a different topic, for now, I'm going to discuss about what I've found to be the best in this app (other than the fact that it's currently FREE! lol!)

Here are some specifications/features that I loved about the App:

1. Design

There's a lot to explain about the superb app's new design, after its update to 3.0 version. As I said earlier, it is now based on the latest Android versions, 4.0. A lot has been improved. On it's first run, the app teaches you three things, whenever you wanna do something:

Long Pressing, Sliding to left or right & Pinch Zooming. Added to that if you also have the "Options" button on your device, it may also be utilised.

ES File Explorer Screenshot:

Foremost thing about the design of this app is that everything is clear, separate & easily Explorable. Most kind of options that you want, while exploring your files, are available.

When you slide top the left or right, different Windows under current operation can be viewed. By Pinch Zooming out, you can see all the opened windows at once. Zooming in will trigger the Fullscreen, By long pressing a File or Folder, various file operations can be seen. Talking about File operations, some other operations, like Search, Batch/Multiple File Operations, Viewing options, etc. can be found by tapping a small button on the Bottom-left corner.

This takes us to the next topic, I'd like to talk about, Search.

2. Search

Search is one of my favorites, which is also an area, that has been improvised. It's more of a "Dynamic Search" Now. Earlier, whenever you search for anything, you had to wait until the Search was over & then the results would appear, which was a little fussy for slow device users.

But now, As the Search goes further on, the results appear, along with it- Dynamic Search.

Also, for some Android devices which do not have Search in their in-built (from Company) File Explorer, ES is definitely the best alternative, currently.

A few devices do not have "Search" in their Android Music Player too, then ES File Explorer will be a great option for them too. I'll tell you How, in "ES Media Player Section.

3. Fast Access Shortcuts

A good thinking by the creator of this awesome app, has led to another very nice feature, fast Access shortcuts. These can be accessed by clicking the Options button, or by tapping on a small icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

You can check the favorites that you've added. Some files, to be accessed by network, like through LAN, Bluetooth, FTP, etc. can also be found.

Various tools inclusive of Gesture Control, App Manager, Download Manager, System Manager, Sd Card Analyst, Clipboard, Root Explorer, Gesture Control, Showing Hidden files (button), Thumbnails ON/OFF, etc can be found.

4. Library Menu

Now one of the best feature of this Fast Access Shortcut is the "Library Menu". It has four basic options: Music, Movies, Pictures & Books.

Whenever you click on any one of them, only the related files will be shown. for example, if I click on "Pictures", all the Image files (.jpg, .gif, etc.) will be shown and tapping on "Movies" will trigger open all Video files, like .mp4, .avi, etc.

This very special features takes the ES File Explorer to the next level. It is not only a simple File Explorer, but a Combination of Video Explorer, Audio Explorer, Image Explorer & Document Explorer too.

5. ES Media Player

I said earlier, ES file Explorer is the "Combination of all". Yeah! I think you guessed right! Es File Explorer Package comes with a Media Player too. It may be accessed by clicking on any Media file that you have in your Device.

As you may know, your Media files may be of two types: Video & Audio. Es Media Player can play them, although it may use your already installed codecs only. The ES Video Player to be precise, although it's called "Media Player", is okay. System Video Player may also be used. But the real specialty is found when "Media Player" is used for Audio Files.

When you'll open the Audio Player, you may think it's okay (neither bad nor excellent), but if you combine this Player with the Exploration abilities of the ES Explorer, you'll find that it can do a lot more than it looks like!

ES Media Player (Audio) Screenshot:

For instance, using the Fast Access Library Options, that we just talked about , one can open all the Music Files only, then if he want to do some operation like search or deleting including Batch Operations, it can be done, from the icon in Bottom-Right Corner of Screen.

OR if one needs to play all the files, select all can be used & then selecting to play the Selected.
OR you can also play your own selected music files.

There are Shuffle & repeat Options too, in the Media Player. Playlists can also be made & saved.

Why I've said that this Media Player is better than Android Media Player because older Android Phones that cannot upgrade above Android 2.3 don't mostly have Search Option in them & there are some bugs.

By above, I'm not at all saying that Android's Default Music Player is not good, there are some very rare features in it & it's latest upgrade is also terrific, I'm just saying that for older devices, ES Media Player , combined with Es file Explorer features can also be utilized for a few operations.

There are a few benefits of In-built Android Music Player, over ES Media Player too.

6. Speed

In its latest upgrade, Es File Explorer's speed has certainly enhanced, which is always required to have a good experience of any app, isn't it?

7. Other tools

Some other tools like Download Manager, SD Card Analyst, App Manager, Root Explorer, Gesture Controls, truly add to the quality of ES File Explorer.

Few Fast Access Shortcuts ES File Explorer Screenshot:

The App Manager might help you view all apps (including some system apps) on your Android Device. You can also uninstall, View and Backup apps in the form of apks, with it.

SD Card Analyst will analyse your SD Card, telling how much Storage space has been used & left along with related stats.

Root Explorer might be used if you have rooted your Android Phone, to view & edit system files.
By the way, I've already written about Rooting Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 by the method which I myself have tested, see that post if you require, from the link below:

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8. Gesture Control

Gesture Control is really very unique. From the "fast Access" section (by tapping an icon on top-left screen corner), You can firstly turn this ON/OFF, then you may simply tap on it, to add a few Gesture Action Shortcuts, like to open a folder.

When Turned on, the same Gesture may be performed starting from the Bubble on the the Centre of the screen & the related gesture Shortcut Action will be performed.

9. Themes

Themes can also be downloaded and added to ES File Explorer. Again, they can be accessed from "Fast Access" section.

The average rating of Es File Explorer is 4.7/5 on Google Play Store, currently based on a total of 391,778 votes, which is definitely a rating of the Outstanding apps.

Users, including me, have said that it's the BEST FILE EXPLORER CURRENTLY. There are numerous Five & four star ratings.


But still, Like anything in the world, there are a few disadvantages of ES File Explorer too. For instance, a few users have reported that downloading stops in the midway & Download Manager doesn't function properly. Taking another example, sometimes Bluetooth doesn't work, through ES File Explorer.

But you know, overall, it's a great app! & I'd say you must must give it atleast a try. Yeah! there might be a very few bugs, but if think a little deeper, you'll know that nothing in the world is perfect & I guess that is what makes the world a good place to live.


So the official Help Section for ES File Explorer can be found on their official website, by visiting the following link:

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(Click on the "Help" Option)

So I guess I've talked a lot about ES File Explorer. I hope that you didn't get bored by this! Now a very interesting final section will come up, the Download:


So for Downloading & Installing ES File Explorer on your Android Device (Phone/Tablet), following methods may be used:

1. You can always Search Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market), for "ES file Explorer". Also here's the Google Play Store link for it:

Visit Now

2. Another very nice thing about ES developers is that they are currently proving the apks (Android Package) for their apps, which is sort of an Installation Setup for Android, on their official website.

These may be downloaded from not only your Android Device, but from a PC, or another phone too, then transfer to your Android Phone & Installed.

So to download the apks for Es App Group's apps, you can visit their official website:

3. Bluestacks users may Download & Install ES File Explorer on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC, after seeing the following post by me:

View Now

So I hope you liked this review & ES file Explorer too! Just try it, you might adore it!

Photo By Stuart Miles,

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