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Today I'd like to discuss about addition of crucial Extra Security on Yahoo Account, which I believe is a must to protect your account from Hackers & Crackers.

Do you have a Yahoo Account, which you might use for the Email, answers, news & other cool Yahoo services. If you do, you might also want to ensure the safety of your essential account, by adding some extra security to it. Well, Yahoo has provided that way & this post is gonna talk about, how to imply it.


So Yahoo has provided a method to add an Extra level of Security for your Account, so that no-one could access it, without your Permission.

The way is popularly known as 2-Step Authentication. It is because the login now becomes 2-Steps process, rather than the earlier one-step verification.

Whenever you or someone else Logs-in to your Yahoo Account, from an unknown Computer, he/she will be required to enter your Password, first of all; which let us consider has been hacked & is known. But now, the second level of Security will come to the rescue.

It will now be necessary for that person, to enter your Security questions' answers OR receive a Verification Code on your mobile number & write it down, before being able to access your Account. So even when your Password is available to someone else, your Account will be in-accessible, is n't that amazing!

With that in mind, I still won't want you to share your Password with someone else! It's just that some Extra Security will be added.

Now, if a Computer logs-in to your Account frequently, you can make Yahoo remember it, to avoid the hassle of doing the Second verification again & again. That Computer would then log-in as usual (with only Password Entering).


Now, the Working Principle for Yahoo's Double Security has been talked about, it's time to commence adding that Special security to the Yahoo Account, already created:

1. First up, if you don't currently have a Yahoo Account & ant to create it, check out the Official Yahoo Login link below, where you can use the option, "Create an Account":


OR You can visit Yahoo's main page & click on "Create an Email Account":


2. After having your Account, in place, Sign-in to Yahoo mail, which can be done from Official Yahoo web-page, below:


3. After completely loading your Yahoo Mail Webpage, hover on the small "Gear" icon on the Top-right corner of the screen & then click on Account Info.

If you're asked to enter your Password again, do it.

4. Now, under "Sign-In and Security", click on "Set up your second sign-in verification".

Note: There are some other very interesting Security settings too, on that page. Have a look on them, if you need.

5. The interface that now appears will be very precise. Simply do as required. Verify Mobile Phone Number, by receiving an SMS. Choose option, to use Mobile Phone Number OR both Security Questions and Mobile phone Number.

Here's the screenshot for Yahoo second sign-in verification webpage

6. App Passwords will provide you with a specific password, which well be used by some old apps, that don't support 2-Step Authentication.

7. You can change the Security Questions too, if required. If they don't change, even after you save them, on that webpage (maybe, a small bug), you can change your security questions, the other way:
  • Under "Sign-In and Security", on the Account Info webpage, which we earlier reached, click on "Update password - reset info". If you were not able to reach there, Check out the following Official Yahoo Help Page:

  • On the Password Reset-Info Settings Page, Under "Secret Questions", Change them here, they might be saved now.
8. Now, turn on your finally Second Security & Save the settings. Check it, by Signing out & Signing in again. They should be working effectively.

That's it!

I wish, you adored the above service to ensure users' Security, by Yahoo.
You can add your reviews & queries, in the comments. You can also Contact Me, from the "Contact Me" option on the website.


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