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Injustice Gods Among Us is really an Epic game, which not only makes you have an awesome fighting experience with Good Graphics, but also has an addictive Roster completion or Card collection part. Not only that, the best thing is, it has DC's popular Superheroes. If you're fan of them (like Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman), then this game is definitely recommended for you. With such a large variety of characters in the game, definitely there are some things that're confused at times, especially if you're a beginner.

Logo Injustice Gods Among Us

With this article, I'd like to put you on road for going ahead into Injustice Gods Among Us for Android or iOS (Mobile), so that you're able to find what your aim is, in the game. Therefore it is the complete Guide for Beginners. In case, you're well into the game, there could be some things might not be vivid for you, Today I'd also like to solve that issue. This post may also be treat as a review & a walk-through. The focus is on deep points of the game that are confused.

Check out my Injustice: Gods Among Us walkthrough video (with Voice commentary). I hope you like it:

This Tutorial is with respect to the latest Injustice Gods Among Us v2.3, the updated version. I want to explain a lot, so it might have more words, you can read the highlighted lines & the ones marked as important, to know the basis. I will try to cover the part that are confused at times, even by professional Players sometimes & explain the rest briefly.


When you turn the game ON & run it for the first time, you'll see a lot of new things, probably a whole different world & you might even notice that there are multiple copies of the same characters, like there are currently 3 Nightwings in the game- Bronze, Silver & Gold. You should ask, what's the point to this. Also you might see 7 different charts, each of which has bosses, you might wanna know how someone like Batman could be a Boss opponent in the game.

Since the player generally is in the good side, you should notice how a Hero like Batman (later appearing) became our opponent to be on the bad side. Well, Bad & Good sides have been messed up in the tale of Injustice Gods Among Us. The Mobile version does not have any story description (an intro video only), but the PC or Console version does and a separate Story Mode having good videos after battles, is available on Console. I'm going to describe that as briefly as I can. The story was the thing which made me play Injustice Mobile, as I adored it.

So it goes like this: In a separate dimension than ours, Superman gets messed up, Thanx to another freaky plan by Joker. Even Lois Lane (Superman's Girlfriend) gets killed. This makes Superman so angry as to literally slay Joker. Everything changes after that. Clark (Superman) thinks that keeping limits on his powers led to this. So he decides to take over the current government and forms a Regime in the world. Every superhero who disobeys, gets killed. This is kind of a situation where the aim is right, to Protect the world, but the means are awfully wrong. Superman thinks that Doomsday (another super-powerful villain) is coming.

Meanwhile Batman commences a small Insurgency group & to get more people involved to fight Injustice, he summons superheroes from our own Dimension. The rest of the story involves how the Insurgency group fights the Regime to get Superman Regime to lose. So due to intermingling of dimensions, there are multiple superheroes of the same name from DC Universe of characters, but still with different strengths (or even abilities).

Injustice Story screen


Well there are several things you'd like to consider & know what you will be experiencing in the game, before you actually start playing. Injustice Mobile is a Cards collection, 3D 3-on-3 fighting game. Cards are nothing, but just a way to represent different collectibles. Although the game is Free to download, there are some in-app purchases.

But other than energy, you won't be forced to buy anything in the game. And if you have patience (a lot of patience!), you won't be needed to buy even energy. A very good thing about Injustice Gods Among Us mobile is that Real Life Money doesn't have as much value, as compared to spending time on the game. This is both a con & pro of the game.

It is a demerit, but On the Pro side, everyone cannot join the money wagon, simply by spending money. Only the ones who are diligently playing the game, for a long time, have good Roster collection & are better in multi-player world of game. O! Ya, An awesome multi-player Online System is also available. We will discuss it too.

Another merit of Injustice Gods Among Us mobile version is that, it doesn't require Motion Control of device, although there are numerous controls in it. I think Gyroscope is what they call it, so it has no problems even if you play it in a car or an Airplane, or to be scientific, something that is moving with respect to Earth. lol!


So, finally I think I've explained enough about the game's background. Let's start seeing how would you play it, or what's the best way to do so. Start off by fighting the tutorial. Make sure you read the text on the top carefully. There are faster Basic Tap Attacks & Slower but effective heavy swipe attacks. Hold the screen to block. Then there are three kinds of special-moves you can use while battling. These are highly powerful & it would be Injustice if you're able to use them right away. So you need to develop something known as "Power" to launch them.

Power itself generates as you fight the opposition, by hitting or getting hit. Then a Special move is activated, use it & you can even increase its damage on opponent by doing on-screen command like Swiping or Rapid tapping. Of-course special 2 is more powerful than 1 as it takes more time to be activated. Then the third power is Super-move, which is Unblock-able & super-powerful, it also has good looking effect as your player crunches the opposition.

Note: To be able to use Special 2, your card is required to be of level 5 atleast. Similarly to activate Super-move, you need level 20.


While playing, I like to hold the device with my left hand & keep the right hand free. This way I can use my Thumb of left hand and 2 fingers (fore & middle fingers) of the right hand to play. Use left Hand (Thumb) for tap basic attacks and the right one for Swipe & Specials.

Now, here's a golden tip, for special moves which require you to tap rapidly, use two fingers instead of one (fore & middle fingers), with practice you can easily reach 200%. For tap special with large circle, practice to make sure your fingers are joined together to attack. The swipe special trick is a little bit device dependent, you can check if it works for you (doesn't for me)- Use 2 fingers of the right hand, like a moving man to perform it. Practice & you will get 200%.


This is the area where many who consider game to be a simple level game, like Pacman, fail. It's actually quite interesting. To get you into it even more, I'd like to say that I was in for the fighting gameplay part of the Injustice Mobile, but now I'm playing for the Card Collection Part. To emphasize even more, It's a part of life now.

To get you started, The "Energy" & "Power Credits" are the currency in the game. Energy helps you to fight & as your character fights more, he loses energy which automatically recovers with time. "Power Credits" are money in the game (in-game gold).

A typical character has 10 bars of energy. Each fight will require different energy cost, it will be shown. Another method of recovering energy (other than time) is by Energy recharges, which can be bought by real money or as bonuses as you fight new battles or even the daily log-in bonuses.

STATS ARE VERY IMPORTANT (Gold cards are better)

There are different cards  in the game. So what's the comparison between them. Many would say: their level; it's not true my friend. In Injustice Gods Among Us, Stats compare different characters. Some have higher stats than others & some don't. These are health & damage stats which can be seen on the lower side of the card of the character. You will see that Bronze characters are weaker than Silvers, which are further weaker than Gold Cards. Consequently, gold cards are a lot more expensive.

If you want to witness a great tool that gives Injustice Cards' stats at any level or promotion, see the following link:

Injustice Stats Calculator Review

Also note that different specials have different stats. For example, Batman's special 1 does not do as much damage as some other powerful Specials like Wonder Woman's. The attacks which do damage until the opponent doesn't Tag-out or gets Knocked out are known as Damage-Over-Time attacks (DoT). Therefore the presence of such a diverse variety of passives, attacks, stats, gears, favorite superheroes etc. makes Injustice Gods Among Us an all-in-one package.

So what you need to do is fight with your bronze characters until you collect enough to buy your first Daily Gold Booster pack for 75,000, or even the Starter Pack for 50,000 Power Credits. Even if you repeat the same battle again & again, you are going get power credits, so keep on fighting.

The battles which give good in-game money are:
Battle 5
Battles 18
Battle 32
Bonus Battle 6 (BB6) is the King of all.

Never worry in the game if you take a bad decision. No matter what, you are going to make a mistake and even if you don't make one, you will definitely have to farm credits (which means playing an old battle again & again to get more Power Credits).

Cassandra Cain Batgirl Details Injustice

After you have 3 golds using 75k Gold Booster Pack or direct, you will also need to Promote them, by buying them again & again, as you move on in the game. Promotion option is in the character details page when you tap it. Also make sure that you buy support cards to boost the characters' advantages (available in the details page) & upgrade their Special moves to full. Don't do everything at once! I think, now it's the right time to declare the rule for playing Injustice Gods Among Us for Android / iOS:


The way I completed the game- I kept on playing it until I faced an issue, like losing a tough fight again & again. The resolution to it came in the form of upgrades like Character Promotions, Upgrading Special moves by 1 level or two, buying Support Cards & gears. All this was not done at once, like instead of completely upgrading a special move, I'd update it by 1 level or two & then buy a support card to increase heath.

Gears are also an interesting part we will discuss them too.


Some special offers, other than buying characters from the Store, are available in the form of Booster Packs. Packs like Gold Booster Pack, Most Wanted Pack, Challenge Booster Pack, etc. give you random characters, many of which are only available through them (not in store). Like, the popular Killing Joke Joker (KJJ) is only available through Most Wanted Packs.

Then, there are packs like the Arkham Asylum Pack, Femme Fatal Pack, Red Son Pack etc. which have predefined characters that cost lesser than Store if you sum up their total cost & consider the rarity.

Important: 1. Please Take care of the fact that having one character in the Collection, that is not available in the Store, does not mean that you can promote him/her directly by Power Credits. Their promotions will only be available through Booster Packs, by buying packs again & again and using their multiple copies to promote them.
For instance, characters like Red Son Superman (RSSM), Red Son Wonder Woman (RSWW), Killing Joke Joker (KJJ), are not available in store & have to be bought using Booster Packs again & agian for promotions.

2. Don't worry, above rule is not applicable on the characters, whose challenges have been played. You should have atleast finished the Standard Mode of their challenge.


So as I said, let's see what Gears have in store for us in Injustice Gods Among Us for Android / iOS. They're the part of game, which are usually neglected by newer players and hold a great significance. A gear is another card of a game, which can be assigned to any player to have extra benefits in Injustice, which gives you edge over the others. Increased Power generation, Increased Basic Damage, Critical Chances on Basic Attacks or Specials are only a few examples of Gear Effects in Injustice Gods Among Us.

You get a gear with not a lot of benefits at start, other stuff is locked / blurred. You have to unlock it by using Gear currency, Shards, which are obtained by shattering or destroying other Gear Cards. With these shards, gears can be evolved or leveled up to increase their effect. The Gear Score is a measure to see how good a gear someone has from the outside, although you can't know what the actual gears of the opponent are.

Important: 1. The methods to obtain gears are from Season Rewards of Multi-player online Battles; rarely gears drop while battling online; Gear Booster Packs in the store & Gear Lockers in the store. Out of these, Gear Lockers are most preferable, as they're cheaper, if you consider one gear's price & have a chance of dropping the awesome Ra's Al Ghul Dagger, which when evolved becomes the ultimate Ra's Al Ghul Scimitar.

2. If you multiple copies of the same gear, there is no other option than shattering it (atleast currently), as the same gear cannot be equipped twice.

Injustice Gear Locker

STACKING (Adding up of chances or Health-s /Damages): IMPORTANT

Now, with such a large variety of characters, their passives and gears. Question arises, What happens when multiple things boost the same factor in a fight. For example, what happens when Lex Luthor in your team gives you a 30% boost to Maximum health & you have a gear that increases maximum health by 20%. Many would say that only 30% will have effect.

Not really! This is one of the best things I like about Injustice Mobile. Boosts add up. Like in out example of maximum health, the character will have a total of 30+20 = 50% boost to Max health. Just think about it. Characters with large health, like Shazam can have about 150k Health in a single match! All this happens unless the word chance comes up.

It's obvious if you think have 40% + 40% + 40% chance to hit critical gives a total 120% chance. lol, it would mean hitting more than one hit with a single hit. Do you see how crazy this line sounds! - Not possible (atleast with current science technology ;) ). In general you can know that chances increase as you increase the number of abilities affecting them & do not exceed 100%. But let's see the Math-

Thanx to the explanation by xiionn in Injustice Community, I'd like to credit it & want to explain in a different way, the link to xiionn's post is:

Critical Gear Stack explained

The formula to calculate when chances stack up in Injustice is:

Chance = 1- [ (1-chance1) * (1-chance2) * (1-chance3) ],
where chances 1,2 & 3 and so on are the chances you have to increase the same factor, not in percentages, but decimals.

Let's consider chances to hit critical in basic attacks by 3 gears are 10%, 15%, 20%.
Express them in decimals by dividing each by 100:

0.10, 0.15, 0.20.

Let's put them in our chance formula as:

Chance = 1 - [ (1-0.10) * (1-0.15) * (1-0.20) ]
OR       = 1 - (0.9 * 0.85 * 0.8)
OR       = 1 - 0.612
OR       = 0.388, which is the chance

In percentage multiply by hundred, it's 38.8%, which is the total chance. Increased, but not as much as you thought. Isn't it.

If you want to know how this method was derived, in case you know about Mathematical Probability- It's the Probability to get atleast 1 hit (not exactly 1), which is calculated by getting the total probability of no hits & then subtracting the result obtained from 1.

LOL! I'd say don't go that deep into it, especially if you're not a Maths Geek & simply consider that chances increase, the more you have them but never exceeds 100%, in fact only a few times, it reaches 90%!

Note: The any ability stacking OR Chance stacking applies to both gears & passives.


WBID is WB (Warner Brothers) Account, which you can create as soon as your cards hit level 5. It has a number of advantages like:

Login Bonus: you will get a bonus, daily, simply for logging in, it'll be in form of credits, bronze cards or the precious Energy recharges

Participation in Multiplayer

Season Rewards from Multiplayer ranks: These are generally weekly & are different every week, like Ares & Cassandra Cain Batgirl (CCBG) were obtainable as Season Rewards & in normal seasons, gears are obtained.

Season Rewards Injustice (Top 5%)

Backing up of Save Game: Make sure that you do not use 2 WBIDs on same device OR 1 WBID on more than one device. It can lead to a false alarm for the auto-banning system for Hackers in the game.


There's an online Multiplayer mode of Injustice Gods Among Us on Mobile. Earlier, I believed that I was fighting the other player simultaneously, but I wasn't correct :D. You will fight AI/Computer only (a very good one & better than normal battles), but the teams will be the ones put up by other players. Your ranking will be determined by the Battle Rating you have, which you get after winning any fight.

Important: 1. Players with higher stats will yield a lot more battle rating than the ones with lower stats (with a few exceptions). Like Elite 7 golds always get more rating than Elite 7 Silver Cards.
2. Defensive battles give double the battle rating on winning a match (when AI plays for your team).


Injustice Official Forums are a great place to be & even better when an official option is available. The people there, are really nice & support everyone. Getting to talk with people who have the same likeness as you, is a precious gift. Please make sure not to talk about Hacks, Cracks or Glitches in Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile there and also retain your privacy. Here's the link (you can use your WBID to login):

Injustice Mobile Community - WB Games

If you'd like to file a support ticket, in case you're having a problem with Injustice, contact Official Support using the link:

Ask for Help

Note: This information here, is all a thesis by me, There can/cannot be a mistake in it. You can contact me / comment for a fine positive notification of it to me.

I hope you'd have liked the above post. If you did, please comment. Even a "Thank you" will be great. You can also give your review. I'd like to leave with some Screenshots from Super Moves:

Batman Super Move Injustice

Wonder Woman Super Move Injustice

Lex Luthor Super Move Injustice


Please Ask your question/Give your opinion, here, I love to read User Comments.

TO GET FUTURE COMMENTS USING EMAIL, LOGIN WITH YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT (on a Website like & while signed in, CLICK "Notify me" checkbox, that appears now, below the commenting box.


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