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Recently I gave a post about Internet Download Manager Personal Experience Review & all Features Explained. Here I would like to mention details about its feature, QUEUING DOWNLOADS.

Here's the link to the Personal Experience Review & All Features Explained post about Internet Download Manager:

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Queuing in IDM lets you choose between a variety of options & You'll love, how brilliantly they've taken care of users' even small needs.
They've taken downloading to its next level.

Queues, here, refers to a way to smartly download a large number of files, according to your own requirements.

By default, you'll have two queues namely, "Main Download Queue" & "Synchronization Que." Everything that you add for downloading (by default) falls under Main Download Queue. You can move it to Synchronization Queue, by Right-Clicking it.

Let us edit some settings for any one of these queues, considering Main Download Queue here & also consider that we have large number of Downloads.


To visit a queue's settings or options page, Right-Click it on the left hand side column of IDM Download Center & press "Edit Que".

The above screenshot show the Edit Ques Section in IDM.

1. Now to commence customizing, first up select the number of files, which you want to be Downloaded SIMULTANEOUSLY. I keep it one, for my needs.

2. Then change the file order, by which you want them to be downloaded. To do this, select any download & use arrow buttons to move them up or down.

3. Now Schedule your queue by going onto the Schedule Tab & edit or choose various options according to your convenience.

Settings like "Turning off Computer When Done" & "Selecting timings fro downloads" are useful.

Observe that, they've also added a option to "Terminate ongoing processes". That's why this Download
Manager is wonderful. They've taken care of very small but Important things.

4. Finally, just apply the settings & to start a queue, right-click it & press,"Star Now".

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