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Today I'd love to mention a way to attach files, with emails you send through Gmail App, in android. As a stock version app, in its native form, Gmail App doesn't have the ability to attach files other than pictures and videos & then send email.

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Here I'm presenting you with the easiest method to attach any file with Gmail app for Android.


So the method is simply install an app known as "Attachments". That's it.

Then when you'll click on option to attach files, you'll get an option to use the installed "Attachments" app & then simply select file of any format you want.

Isn't it wonderful? Small but very important utility!

With this app, you can also rename your files, before attaching them & it also doesn't create any clutter/mess in your Gmail app as it doesn't use a separate icon.

Here's the detailed procedure:

1. Download & install the "Attachments" app from the Play Store link, given in "Download" section.

2. Run the Gmail App, sync your google account with it & Tap the "Compose Email" like option.

3. After writing the content for your email, Press the "options" Button Tap on Attach.

4. In the dialog Box, which then appears, select "Attach Files" (the app you just installed, earlier.)

5. Then simply select file of any format, you want to attach & send.

That's it.

So here's the Google Play Store/Android Market link for the app "Attachments", which you need to download & install:

Download Now

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I hope you liked the above method. DO comment with your queries or your own review about anything else.


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  1. Before setting-up mail account on apple device, make sure you have active account over Google to ensure authentication process can take place after downloading the app. Do keep in mind that all our account data will be synchronized with the iPhone once you installed Gmail app.

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