Transfer Unfinished Torrent Downloads From Device to Device (uTorrent)

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Recently, I was using utorrent for Torrent Downloads & noticed a very strange & useful, small but important Trick.

It is a trick that'll help you transfer your unfinished downloads & continue it on another pc. Isn't it great Flexibility & Portability.

Consider you have two PCs (both have internet connection). You are using a torrent download, using utorrent latest version (3.1), but in the midway, your internet connection gets lost on the PC. But the other PC has it.

What would you do?
Would you start downloading again, on the other PC?

No of-course not. We should think a way to resume our download on the other PC instead.

Well! here's the way.


So what you need to do is:

1. Copy & transfer the unfinished downloaded files, fully to other PC.

2. On the other PC, start downloading the torrent (like you would do as normally) & provide the download address as the same directory, where you recently copied the unfinished files.

Like, C:/Downloads.

That's it, now downloading may resume from where you had left, but on the other PC.

Note: If it doesn't start from where you had left, Right-Click the Download, utorrent download center & Force-recheck it.

Note: It is recommended to move downloads to the same platform & Operating System, having the same utorrent version.


The reason behind why this method works is that, utorrent books/reserves the download space, before downloading.
Also, a utorrent .DAT path file is created, which contains information about how much torrent has been downloaded & we transfer that, to give other utorrent the information.

That's it! I hope you found the above Tutorial useful. Do comment with your queries or review about anything.


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  1. Thanks a lot for this torrent tip, hope it works for piratebay that I access using pirate bay proxy

  2. Thanks for the info, I currently use piratebay piratebay

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