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Have you ever tried to convert videos for your device, like Tablet, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Android Device or iPhone & found that the out video size is very odd & doesn't properly fit with the video screen of your device.

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If you are choosy like me, this can be really irritating at times. So I found a simple solution to the above problem or issue.

I use Imtoo Video Converter, but the solution mentioned here, is applicable for any kind of video converter.


So the root cause of problem is that, the resolution/video size you chose while converting the video, is not in sync with the resolution/video size of the video you in-put.

Now to rectify this, you'll need to do the following:

1. Determine the input video's exact size/resolution.

Windows usually determines the resolution of .mp4 video, which can be seen by simply going to its properties.
You can use a software, known as media-info, to determine the same.

Here is the personal experience review, along with the official download Link for the software:

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2. Now that we have the input videos's resolution, consider that it is 1248*532. We now have to find a resolution that syncs with the output video.

Choose between usual output resolutions- 320, 640, 1280, 2560 etc.
Generally, 320 & 640 are the most preferred for portable devices, as they're good for memory & battery savings.

More the resolution more will be video quality.

Note: Some phones don't play Higher resolutions, for them 320 is good.

3. We now have input video resolution & our choice between various output resolutions.

For instance, I choose 320 output video size & input video resolution is 1248*532.

Actually our output video resolution should be 320*x. So we'll need to determine "x", which is in sync with 1248*532.

The required "x" (Height of Output Video) will be 532/1248*320. ( Use a calculator).

This has been done using unitary Method, as:

For 1248 = 532,
For 1= 532/1248,
For 320 = 532/1248*320.

Which gives 136.41 as answer & approximately it would be 320*136.

4. Now input this video size manually, into a converter like Imtoo Video Converter & press Enter.

Now when you'll convert your video, you'll get output, on your device with a NOT CREEPY Video Size.

So I hope you liked the above tutorial. Comment with your own review about it or anything or your queries.

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