Internet Download Manager (IDM) Personal Experience review

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Today, I'd like to show you the awesomest download manager for pc, giving my own Personal Experience Review & trying to explain all the features of the Internet Download Manager.

There are many features of this software, that are overshadowed & mostly not highlighted. I'd cover them up too, so that you may understand, "Why is it THE BEST." I'll try to give almost all the relevant features of this superb piece of software.
See the screenshot of IDM interface & Que Editing below:

All these features will be discussed in "ALL FEATURES EXPLAINED" Section.


So it's an amazing download manager. If you aren't currently using any download manager, you may know that using browser for downloading files is tough! Many-a-times, your download may stop at 90%. Forget that, this doesn't at all happen in IDM.

On average, I'll give this solution 10/10. :)


When I saw its interface for the first time, I couldn't even think that it would bring so many great features with it. You may think that its design isn't fashionable like other download managers.

But after using this superb software for almost an year now, I've realized that they've actually put up less fashionable software to give speed access.

I've never seen this software hanging or lagging!

There are different, easily find-able sections for different features. So that's good.

So here also, it is 10/10.


As I mentioned earlier, whatever you can think about downloading details (like a software having resume capability), IDM is ready with it.

There's a con in this (given by everyone), it cannot download using torrent files. But I don't consider it a con at all.
According to me, Internet Download Manager was never made to deal with .torrent files. Good torrent file downloading clients already existed in the market (like utorrent), this software is a solution to direct downloading and problems occurring in it.

It allows queuing multiple files downloading too, downloading all-at-once, 10-at-once, ..., 1-at-once, & so on.

So 10/10 again.

So with this software, forget about files downloading stopping in the midway of downloads or not getting resume capability on your downloads.

Whatever it is about downloading (except torrents), Internet Download Manager is your Ultimate solution.

When you'll use this software, actually what would happen, is everyday, you'll find new & newer features that'll literally surprise you.


You'd have known that according to me, IDM is the bestest Download Manager, but don't go on my choice, make you own!

Internet Download Manager is available as a 30-day trial. Use it & make you own choice. After that, you'll need to pay to continue using it.

This software has no complications as far as versions are concerned.

Here's the official website link, where you can download Internet Download Manager:

Download Now


So now that we know that IDM is the best download managers. I'll try to explain its features now. Many of these features are overshadowed, mostlty.

1. Downloading Videos from Internet

Internet Download Manager (IDM), supports the capability to integrate with today's popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari etc.

This gives a "Download this Video" or "Download This Audio" option in your browser, whenever you'll stream/buffer movie, video or music.

So you can download what  you stream on the internet, for offline use. Did you ever think about this awesome feature!

2. Unbroken Downloads

You would have noticed or be having a problem of downloads stopping without completion when you download a file using browser.

Well, this would not happen in case of IDM. Downloads can be resumed, by changing the internal download link or sometimes, even without that.

3. Download Resuming

Internet Download Manager provides the ability to resume download, you can stop your download at any time & continue it from where you had left it, the next day.

This is High-quality resuming, unlike some low-quality utilities where whenever you pause, it says download is being continued, but the speed being offered is zero.

Note: Sometimes, the server from where you download files, restricts resuming downloads, with limitations like "No Resume", "Resumng for 3 days", etc. IDM can't do anything about it.

4. Queuing Downloads

You can queue your Downloads in Internet Download Manager. By default 2 kinds of ques are available, by default, you can add them manually.

With this feature, you can manage multiple downloads.

You can also select the number of files to be downloaded simultaneously, according to your desire. thus downloads can occur one-by-one, two-by-two, etc.

Here's the link to the details about queuing, that I've given in another post of mine:

View Now

5. Refresh Download Address

Another fascinating feature of IDM, this is. If your file has been deleted or moved in the server or its download address has been changed, it wouldn't download.

But with refresh download address feature, you can change the download address of the file & therefore resume it.

If this feature wasn't there, you would have needed to restart your download.

Here I've given details about how to use this feature:

View Now

6. Change Download Address Manually

Consider that you are downloading a file, but it has been deleted on the server & your download is unfinished, so what you can do is, use the refresh download address, to give it same download address to exactly the same file, or manually change it.

This can be done by first going to IDM Download Menu, right-clicking the required download & then changing its address to what you have in the address section, before clicking the OK Button.

7. Website Grabber

This feature can be used to download mass content of whole website.

8. Scheduler

Along with queuing comes Scheduling too. You can set your download to stop at a certain time or the computer to shut down after finishing download & many more options.

When you Right-Click a queue on the left-hand side section, there is a schedule option, which can be used for further settings, that have been mentioned above.

9. Speed Limiter

In the "Downloads" section of the Menu Bar, there is an option of "Speed Limiter", which (as the name suggests) can be used to set the maximum speed, of your download.

Its settings are also right there.

10. Supports Restricted File Hosting Websites

There are some file hosting websites, which do not support Download Managers & normally, don't allow Internet Download Manager to download files.

Example is, free downloading using

But IDM has got a solution here. You can tell IDM, for a particular download that its a special restricted download & Eureka! IDM will download it.

To do this, click the "options" button, in icons bar below Menu Bar & then under general Tab press Keys Button.

Then select the desired key for forcing IDM to download file... Yes, you'll need to press this key while downloading from a restricted website, to force download it.

11. Not to use IDM for certain downloads

Under the keys section, as mentioned in the above point, there is an option to prevent using IDM for certain downloads, for your convenience.

12. Provide login for Broken Downloads

This is one of the most overshadowed feature of IDM. This feature makes it ULTIMATE.

If you are downloading from a website that requires you to login & then download. Sometimes download stops, when you logout of your account.

For this reason, you can provide Internet Download Manager, your Login, this will make your download, not lose resume capability & you'll have a merry time!

13. Provide Login for your Dial-up Connection

If you have a Dial-up connection, you can provide IDM with your settings so that the software would connect to the internet automatically & will make downloading easy.
This is also useful in case connection suddenly get lost & is received again.

So in my review, "IDM is the best Download Manager". You should give this ultimate piece of software, at-least a try. it is 10-on-10.

After that I've also listed some very overshadowed features of IDM. I hope, you liked them.

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I'd like you to comment with your own review on this review or even IDM or anything you wanna share! I hope you liked the above post.


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  1. I would like to say you that , I am daily entering fake serial and running IDM anyhow .
    Today I downloded 674 Mb files in which 1 hd video of raghupati raghav of 104 Mb downloaded fully but we can listen only audio .
    Secondly all the files like my study files , I was trying to knw what locus is whatever , atleast of 15 files more it showed the file has been moved . i search all the computer where it can move where it can move . But it found where , I was searching for it Google but don't know why your blog was recommended by google 1st search page to open , where I wasted my total time reading this artical of no sense and writing this for showing you peoples are not dumb they know their best to do .

    1. Hi Lekhraj!

      I'm happy that you've asked your query, although it may not be in that much Healthy way, as expected.

      First of all, I'm just a reviewer of IDM & have found it to be a nice software.

      Secondly, you are probably getting those problems in IDM, because your IDM might not be the latest version or (second reason) you're using a Fake Serial, which is not recommended & is considered to be illegal.

      Best Wishes!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Also i have a website which is idm free download and try to give information about all updated IDM version.

    1. idm free download

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