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I've recently posted about the goodness of the awesome Bluestacks for PC, which helps you run Android Apps on your PC only. Here's the post that gives the review & download for it:

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Now, here I'm mentioning THE EASIEST method to share files with the internal SD Card that Bluestacks uses.

This is the best method to transfer files from your PC to Bluestacks App Player.

Although mostly, for installing apps, you won't need to first get the apk (Android Pack, which is Setup Installation for Android Apps), into SD Card of Bluestacks.

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You can simply run the app with Bluestacks "HD-apk Handler" from your PC (Windows/Mac) only.

But still you'll sometimes need to share files like music, videos, app data like Save Games for Angry Birds & Temple Run & get them to Bluestacks SD Card.

Therefore, for above reasons, you would need to sometimes access the Bluestacks SD Card.


The Pre-requirements for the access of Bluestacks SD Card are as follows. They won't demand any special formalities, that's why, this is the best method:

1. Bluestacks Latest version (Currently 0.7.10 Windows) installed

This method doesn't work with the older versions of Bluestacks App Player. I'm not sure about newer ones.

To Download Bluestacks, for Windows or Mac, use the following link:

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2. A File Exploring App, like ES File Explorer Installed.

You can use the Google Play Store/Android Market to download ES File Explorer in Bluestacks. To know how to access Google Play Store in Bluestacks, see the following post by me:

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Then simply Search for ES Explorer in it, to download & install it in Bluestacks.

Also, if you need, here's the Google play Store link for ES File Explorer:

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The process actually is not a very complex one, that's why its the Best way.

Actually the trick is that whatever is there in the Documents (or My Documents) Folder of your PC, is shared with Bluestacks App Player.

In Bluestacks App Player, after installing an File Exploring App, like ES File Explorer, Navigate to:

And you will find all files & Folders of Documents (or My Documents), in your PC, in Bluestacks.

So to move a file into Bluestacks, first move it into Documents or My Documents Folder, Then open it in Bluestacks File Exploring App, installed, then, using that File Exploring App, copy it to anywhere else, in Bluestacks SD Card/Memory Card, i.e. Virtual.

So that's it!

That's how you transfer files to your Bluestacks virtual SD Card.

DO Comment with your questions, reviews or anything or to even contact me. I'd love it!

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  1. THANKS.....realy worked for me

  2. does it work in

    1. I'm not sure, but you can definitely give it a try.

  3. not explore in new version

    1. Please wait for a couple of days till I check it out.

    2. Hello

      Thanx for waiting! I've tested the way mentioned over here, to share files with Bluestacks SD Card, on Bluestacks for PC, also & it's working.

      So maybe updating your version would help.

  4. Many Thanx, I looked for ages to find a simple way to export APK's from bluestacks to no avail, then I saw this! Awesome!

    1. I'm glad that you liked the method! Your Welcome!

  5. Whooo! What a genius :P Whtever TY :)

  6. Thanks a lot: it works a treat--I have been hoping there is a simple way to achieve this and you just provided that. Thank you again.

  7. i m using window 8 but in my document there iz nothing any shared bluestacks app folder so now can i use shared bluestacks app folder ????

    1. Hi!

      Yes, you can use folder with any name: Try copying files into any Folder already created in your "Documents", no need of "shared" or if you don't have a folder already created, simply create a new one, it should work then.

  8. how to access bluestacks data from windows version

    i am having..some important files in it..and now how can i copy all my files from bluestack into pc...
    plz...rply fast its..urgent..

    1. Hi Aarush!

      For transferring files from BlueStacks back to your default OS, you simply need to the sort-of reverse of above post:

      1. Install a File Exploring App like ES File Explorer on BlueStacks.
      2. Open it in BlueStacks.
      3. Copy all the required files, that you wanna transfer to PC and paste them in sdcard/bstfolder/Documents (while using File Explorer in BlueStacks.
      4. Open Documents on your PC and your files should be there.

      I hope you're able to succeed in retaining your important files.

    2. sorry..but there is no bstfolder... :( :'(

    3. Maybe then its the version problem Aarush! Maybe it works only for latest version! So I'll recommend that you use the latest Bluestacks.

    4. if i download latest version..
      all my files will be deleted..and i will unable to recover it again..
      can you tell me any software from which i can send(share) all my photos from whatsapp to my email..with bluestack

    5. Buddy, I'm not sure if there's a direct software to send files to email from whatsapp using BlueStacks. But you can use a file uploading app, in BlueStacks itself.

      The Whatsapp files are also available in a folder in the memory of Android OS (including BlueStacks). These are in the folder "Whatsapp", in the memory, you can check the presence of that folder using a File Browsing App, like ES File Explorer.

      After that all you need to do is upload those files to the internet, somewhere, using Bluestacks itself, to have their backup.

      I hope you're able to backup your files.

  9. if u want to send image whatsapp to pc then
    go to es file manager then sdcard then whatsapp then media then whatsapp images....
    then copy a image u want to send....then back to sdcard and then go to last folder of sd card name WINDOWS and past here your copy image....done

    now go to your pc folder PC NAME then go to PICTURES folder ... your whatsapp image here show...
    try it fast

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