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"I like to use soft-wares, gives me so much pleasureeee" :P

Below Screenshot shows a view of information provided by media-info:

Today I'd like to share with you a superb software, Media-info, how good a thinking & Technology it is, made especially for the video-encoders.


Media-info is a very handy software to view all the information of a file, which is especially helpful in case of video & audio files.

For example, for a video file, it'll show you all the information like audio tracks, audio-bitrate, video-bitrate, video-framerate, video-resolution, everything!


Photo By Boians Cho Joo Young,

Well it is ultimate software, it is so light & compatible with Windows, Mac & many other platforms. Also to use it, you can simply right-click a file and get your info. So it is a very handy and useful tool.


So here's the official website link:

Download Now


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