Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas ultimate guide to win gang wars without cheats

Hello GTA gamers

The above Image shows CJ approaching a typical gang in GTA San Andreas.

You would know about the game, GTA San Andreas which was is one of the most successful GTA game, so today I'm going to share the Ultimate way to win GANG WARS in it.

Some may say that this game is old & other things, but remember guys, old is gold  and this one is one of the most precious ones.

What are Gang wars

For those, who don't know what Gang Wars are, it's a kind of small but dangerous war in which you'll need to fight as Carl Johnson, CJ (The game's Hero), to win territories for your own gang, so that you expand & earn more respect.

Also for the last mission of the game, END OF THE LINE, you'll need to win atleast 35% of total territories to start it.
The above point was asked by many people with questions like:

"How to start/commence last mission in GTA San Andreas" OR
"Minimum territories required to win, in order to start last GTA San Andreas mission"

How to win Gang Wars


1. Sniper Rifle, with good amount of Ammo.
2. Motor Bike


So, here comes the ultimate way to win gang wars without much loss of Health or Armor:

1. Start by provoking a gang war by shooting at gang people, standing in their own territory.
2. Now go-to one end of the gang area to fight in, riding your motor-bike, you'll be attacked by the first wave. (See the map below, the Blue arrow)

See the map above, the arrow sign shows where you should stand first up.

3. Now move to the opposite end, without shooting at any enemy, on your motor bike. (See the map below, the Blue arrow)

The above image shows, where you should stand later

4. Now get off the motor-bike & Snipe all enemies out, without yourself not getting any damage.

Now repeat the process for the last two enemy waves & voila the territory is yours!

I hope you liked the guide.


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