Self Talk, a necessary cure to happy life

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So today I'd love to share my views on a very unique post, Self-Talk.

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I'll answer your questions like, "self-talk! What is it? Is it talking to oneself only?"
No, it's not exactly what you think.


Self-Talk is a way, an exercise to boost the amount of positive beliefs in life. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the difference between beliefs & thinking.

Thoughts may come & Thoughts may go, They may be positive they may be negative. But Positive beliefs impart positiveness in you.


Actually, to do this exercise, you'll need to stand in-front of a mirror or wherever you like & speak (literally!) to yourself some positive words, which you like.

The best suited time to do this exercise is right when you wake up.
To prevent being called mad, you may also hide it, from everyone. Lol!

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Anyways, by doing this you'll leave yourself some good positiveness & also at time when your mind is fresh that is, in the morning.
Your day would go very well then.

Note: Make sure & try to use positive words only & try not to use "not."


Here's a sample self-talk, as an example:

I'm enjoying my life.
I am a superb guy.
I live every moment of my life to the fullest.
I do what I love & love what I do.
I adore my friends & family.
I love my partner.
I always remain fresh & cheerful.

So I hope You enjoyed the above post.


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