Do good & Don't think about the output

Hey Guys

Neki Kar Aur Dariya Mein Dal
In Hindi:

नेकी कर दरिया में डाल

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How good it is

It is a Hindi quote & means the same as the title, Do good & Don't think about the output. It has been so rightly said, because if you do good & don't worry about the output, everything will just go fine.

On the other hand, if one commences worrying about the output he gets he doesn't give a good input, which leads to lesser output of work in any field of life, isn't it.

Also he starts becoming self-interested only & forgets about people around him\her, which is worse.

Remember,MOSTLY, money doesn't obey the law of decreasing want, i.e. even if you keep on getting more  & more money your desire to get more would not decrease, instead it may increase.


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So I believe that one should actually check his\her work output, but not the whole time, it should be in a little amount only.

I hope you would've liked my above mentioned thoughts.


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