Small Changes have Big Impacts

Hey guys

Today I'd like to discuss about the things which are very much ignored in our lives. Yes they are small which may have a big influence.

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Remember to retain your positivity in mind,

There are so many good epitomes for this.

What is it actually

In our daily lives only, we encounter so many of these, one of the simply understandable thing would be brushing.

One may think that I'll brush twice a day, that is, at night too, but he forgets to do it & the impact is seen, the next morning, when he/she wakes up & realizes he/she hasn't brushed.
It's a small example, not a big deal but there can be some other examples too, which you can quest for yourself!

Talking about another example, The Titanic, it is also a very good one.

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I don't know if the story is fictitious but one thing is for sure that it has taught a good lesson to us. The Titanic ship sank because of just a small mistake of the captain to fasten the ship & then the ship suddenly hit the iceberg.
Therefore, a small thing had a big impact.

What is the deal

So what I believe, actually is that we should just chill out! In this way, we would be able to actually realise what is going around us & our conscious would be active.
I mean one cannot always pay attention to every small thing, or can we?

Yes, of-course! I think whenever we ignore something our mind (conscious) gives us a little click & if we ignore it, the result is in accordance with that.

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But remember, everything happens for good.


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