Prepare for the worst & Get the best

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Now I'd love to tell you one of the strategies to act upon your strategies & how to prepare your plans in any field of work.
So as the title says vividly, what you need to do is Prepare for the worst but while taking actions try to get the best.

As a small but clear example, take it that you wanna go-to a holiday trip & are packing things up, the previous night.
Now what is needed is that you should pack up in such a way that you prepare for the worst probability.

Like there can be an non-availability of electricity at the place where you are going to visit. So you should fully charge your electrical appliances like cell-phones, camera, tablets, etc., so that you prepare for the circumstances that there's no electricity available.

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Now when you visit the place try to find out the best hotel (now there's no need for the worst! :P) & then you'll enjoy your holidays to the fullest, isn't it?

In this manner you have prepared for the worst, but have got the best.

I hope my above idea was worthwhile for you.


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