Addition to writing quality of Thesis- Refer to mistakes also

Hello mates

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Today I'd like to show you a small but important point that would add a great deal of improvisation of your writing  whether its a speech, thesis or anything you are writing.

I learnt about this by reading an interview of Dr. Umberto Eco, i liked it so I decided to share.


So the point is whatever experiment you & you 're writing about it, you'll need to include your errors & mistakes that you did while experimenting, this would help your readers a lot & therefore you'll have a great piece of writing.


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For example, if I'd have to teach someone, how to operate a typical mobile phone, I'd like tell him/her to press the red button to get to the main screen, you'd now ask how is this related to the above point? Read on.

Now I'll also tell the guy that I committed a mistake by holding the red button for too long & the mobile phone switched off.

He'd learn a lot by this.
He'd also probably say,"Thanx mate, you're a good teacher."
Lol! I guess, that got too far! :P

Anyways, I hoped you learned from above...


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