Remain Positive, is it actually correct?

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Today I'm gonna talk about remaining positive, which is a superb thing, but is it actually correct! Read more, if you want to know, some good points about it.
I am discussing two good points about this thought.

1. Is it possible

I believe remaining positive always actually is not possible. Wanna know why?

Well it has been surveyed that an average person, thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day. So what do you think, can anyone practically maintain himself in such a manner that all of his/her sixty thousand thoughts would be positive?

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Of-course not! Practically it is not possible to do it. So one always has a combination of both positive as well as negative thoughts.

But don't worry look upto the second point & you will realise that it is not bad!

2. Is "ALWAYS POSITIVE" necessary

I believe not, think of a situation in which one has been robbed, will it be good to think positively then? The answer is NO, mostly. Unless some children are playing a robbery game!

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Now to conclude, I'd say don't be always positive, use your wit/conscious, your mind will actually click when you do something not appropriate!
Also if you need to hide something from everyone; in most cases it's not appropriate. 

And Yeah! I got inspiration about the first point from Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari, Google about him, if you want to know more.

So Don't worry be happy!


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