You are, what you think you are

Hello mates

Yes, that is true, you actually are what you think you are,

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 Don't agree, I'll try to make you agree.
Already agreed, this would encourage you.
So guys you'll need to know that, whatever we do, we actually first think about it, whether it is in subconscious mind or the conscious one, but we actually do it.

You think about eating, you do it.
You feel heavy, you go to toilet. :P

In some part of your mind, you first think about it & then go do it.

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You are what you think you are, is it really true?

Yes it is, directly or indirectly, if you are not positive, you won't get positive results.

For example, think about a sports team, if it is not wanting to win, would it win? No, because the players don't have desire to win.
The thinking in this example was more or less directly related to the conclusion / result.

But in actual life also, if you think & say you are a loser, the results will be in accordance with that. If you'd say you are a winner, you'll be that, although losing is also important sometimes!

Your vibes that you leave also have a stark effect on your personality, thinking & thus finally the result you get.


The solution lies in the fact of change of your beliefs (not thinking!)\, because as I always say we get about 60,000 thoughts per day & no-one can control them although one can co-ordinate his/her beliefs.

Also I understand that it's a bit harsh to change beliefs straight away, so as an exercise, you can start by changing your words, which will directly have effect on your thinking & will impart good thinking if they are good words.

Doing self-talk, which I mentioned in one of my posts will be a good boost.

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Also I don't say to fully stop using negative/unhappy words, they are also necessary, but if in the ratio, the happy words you speak are more than sad ones, per day, you are going well!

So I hope you would have learnt some goodness from the above.


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