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So today I'd like to give a brief answer/reply to the question that some people raise, "you are a philosopher & I don't like them & its just nothing." They say.

Well I don't know why but in the society, the word, "Philosopher" or "writer" are thought to be related to someone who thinks a lot & is supposed to be totally isolated from the society & sometimes are thought to be doing nothing.

Although the first point that 'the person thinks a lot, is true the latter ones are not. It's a good thing that a person thinks a lot, but Writers are just like everyone else, they are also homo-sapiens!
It's just that they have different field of work, like everyone else!

Photo By M - Pics, freedigitalphotos.net


I'd also now like to show you that everyone has a philosopher in him/her-self. To prove it, if you ask someone,

"Do you believe in philosophy."
If He says, "No."
Ask him," What  do you believe in then?"
He'll say, "I believe in Living life, merrily" or anything else.

Then tell him, "IT'S YOUR PHILOSOPHY!"

Isn't that true, everyone has his/her own beliefs & the other word for that is philosophy.
So I hope you liked the above.

Photo By Pumbaa80 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


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