Fill the interstices to maximize output

"Drops of water combine together to make the mammoth sea", isn't it right?

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Today, as the above quote said, I'd like to share my views on a superb topic, Filling the interstices or holes which may maximize your living.

Before answering the questions like, what kind of interstices are you talking about or others, I'd like you to know I got impressed with this, when I read an interview of Dr. Umberto Eco.

Now the kind of interstices I'm talking about are the interstices of time but wait! not only time, this notion will help you in almost every field.

Everyday we live our life but then we sometimes feel that time has just flowed like anything, hours pass-by quickly, isn't it.
Now to rectify this issue, I'd like to quote an example of Umberto Eco himself.

He is known to build good work-output.
He told that suppose one (writer) has to meet someone & is waiting for the other person on the top floor of a tall building. Till the person, he has to meet reaches up the building, he may write an article.

That is he is taking fullest of his time & also enjoying what he is doing, i.e. writing.

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So That's what you do, "Do what you love & Love what you do", filling the interstices/holes well.


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