Happy songs versus (vs.) Sad songs + How to listen to Sad Songs

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Today I 'd love to talk about a nice topic, Happy songs vs Sad ones, what to choose, which are better, in both aspects, that are joy of listening & their impact on living.
And also you'll get to know the real deal at the end, i.e. how to eradicate the impact of sad songs.


So which are better, as I said that I'll talk about both the aspects.

Here, you go:

Joy of listening

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In this field, both can win, according to the person's mood, sometimes sad, sometimes happy.

Impact on Living

In this aspect happy songs may win, as sad songs make one feel that life is nothing & demoralise, although in some cases they can also inspire you.

Actually sad songs have sad words, which actually make it tough for you to even live. They leave a bad / demoralizing effect on your brain, & "You are what you think you are."

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So what is actually the solution to the impact of sad songs.

I will not ask you to stop listening to sad songs, coz I also know how good they can be & I would then be harsh.

What I reckon \ recommend is that no problems, listen to sad music, but after doing that what you do is listen to a complete happy song.
In this manner \ way, you'll get the joy of sad songs, but not the demoralizing impact.

Note: Some people like being hit by sad songs & cherish that moment, they may continue listening sad songs (I'm serious about the note!)

& as I say "Small changes\transitions can have big effects", your life can really get worse (although it may never reach the worst!), if we let sad songs hamper our life, except for above note's exception.

So apply the solution & live merrily!

I hope I got details with precision, in the above article & you enjoyed.


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