Create new Contacts in Bluestacks version 0.8

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Recently, I added a post stating how to Properly install BlueStacks 0.8 on you PC, which should rectify few errors, if any, you get while installing latest Bluestacks 0.8, here's the post:

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Now, it's time to see a way to add new Contacts to Bluestacks 0.8 so that it could help you run Android Apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, etc. which require you to have contacts on your Android System.

Note: I've already given a method to Add New Contacts to Bluestacks version 0.7, the version 8's process is different one. To see Bluestacks 0.7's method, view the post in the following link:

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Bluestacks is the latest version of the software, which is now based on Android 4.0 devices interface & allows you to run Android Apps on PC. The upgrade has made the latest Bluestacks very smooth & more beautiful. But due to update, the side ways or tricks involved in usage of Bluestacks 0.8 have also changed.

So now, we're gonna see one of those side-ways & method to Create New Contacts in Bluestacks 0.8, to have apps like Whatsapp, Viber & Line run properly in Bluestacks Android App for PC version 0.8.


So there are two pre-requirements to implement the process: Bluestacks itself (it's obvious :P) & ES File Explorer.

So first you'll need to have ES File Explorer, installed on your Bluestacks. To do it, there are more than 1 methods, but I believe that the best one is to download ES File Explorer apk from its official website & then simply run it in Windows Explorer only for installation. Here's the official website Download link's page for ES File Explorer:

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I've also given review & another way to download ES File Explorer on Bluestacks for PC, look through the following post for details, if you need:

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Now, why I asked to install ES File Explorer is that it allows you to open all Android Apps, even the system ones, in any Android system, which includes Bluestacks' Contacts App too. So we'll use this ability of ES File Explorer to run the PROPER CONTACTS APP in Bluestacks.

Note: The PROPER CONTACTS APP, to be used here, is different than the one, available in the method to open older Bluestacks Settings.

Follow the following dizzy procedure:

1. Open ES File Explorer (version 3 or above) in Bluestacks & move on-to its "App Manager" (under "Tools"), using the Menu on its left side.

Look at the third row of Apps, in the following Screenshot:

2. Click on the bar saying "User Apps" & choose "System Apps". You should now able to see the crucial System Apps.

3. Next, click on the "Contacts" App & choose "Open".

4. Using the More Options Button on the Top-right corner of the screen, select "New Contact".

Press the symbol on the extreme top-right:

5. It might then ask to create a new account or choose an existing one, if already present. Choose your option between the two & in the screen that appears now, type the details of the New Contact, like Phone Number, Email, Address, etc.- whatever you require.

6. Finally, Click on the "Done" option on the Top-Left Corner to Save your Contact.

That's it!

The new contact should now be added & visible to you. Also, it should now be available to apps that use Contacts, like Whatsapp, Viber, Line, etc.
You can also manage your contacts by opening this app, using ES File Explorer, whenever you need.

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