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One of the best things about Injustice Gods Among for Android / iOS is the frequent updates this game gives. Even when you finish the Normal Battles in the game, it'll consistently throw new things that'll make you keep enjoying it. Many people have accepted gaming on Injustice to be a part of their daily routine.

One of these is the latest update, Injustice version 2.3, which has brought a lot new things like Most Wanted Packs, Gear lockers, Player Appreciation Month, but most importantly, new cards, which is what we're going to talk about today, in detail. This talk will DEFINITELY HAVE SPOILERS.  So proceed cautiously.

Thanx to Injustice Mobile Wiki, for providing details about these already, I may post links to its page along with.

So the new characters are Godfall Superman, Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, Animated Batman Beyond and Static. Static is a surprise character, since he wasn't announced in the Update changes. All these characters have superb passives.


Godfall Superman has already been released, his challenge is going on. He's a superb character. Everything's amazing about him, with only 1 bug, his Special 2 has been nerfed. It does very less damage & close to minimum only. His passive is the mirroring of all basic damage that he takes, while blocking. If you've enabled Damage Text in your game, Godfall superman mirrors all the damage text in white, i.e. both and the opponent will take white damage, although Superman's the only one who faced it.

See the following link for Godfall Superman's statistical details:

Godfall Superman statistics

To see Godfall Superman in action, see following YouTube video by Knine Unit:


Godfall Superman was my favorite character in the new ones, but due to his nerfed special 2, MKX Scorpion comes in to be the best. He's a total beast and the most anticipated character. He better not be bugged like Godfall Superman. At level 50 elite 7, his passive gives him the highest Health stats, even more than the current known Shazam. His Damage stats are also amazing.

His other part of passive gives him the ability to critically damage (a lot!) the opponent with damage-over-time, when his Special reaches 200%, which is mind-blowing.

See the following link for MKX Scorpion's statistical details:

Mortal Kombat X Scorpion statistics

To see Mortal Kombat X Scorpion in action, see following YouTube video by Knine Unit:


Animated Batman Beyond is also a fresh Gold card for Injustice Gods Among us. He has very high damage stats, his Health is just fine. This guy gives himself a boost after every special as his passive, like his Special 1 gives him Basic Damage boost & so on. Pretty awesome!

See the following link for Animated Batman Beyond's statistical details:

Animated Batman Beyond statistics

To see Animated Batman Beyond in action, see following YouTube video by Knine Unit:


Static is the surprise character for Injustice Gods Among Us mobile. His name wasn't even announced in the Update Changes. This guy's terrific passive yields immunity to power drain and to gain power by Blocking any Special move he faces. So a great solution if you're fed up by power drains of the opponent.

See the following link for Static's statistical details:

Static statistics

To see Static in action, see following YouTube video by Knine Unit:

So I've basically tried to sum-up and gather all the upcoming Injustice Mobile Characters' data, which I was able to find online spread out here & there.


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