Helium Backup Review + How it Works

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Helium Backup was quite like a magic App for Android Phones. Developed by techie creators, ClockworkMod, it is an amazing App that lets you Backup not only your Apps, but App Data too, even on non-rooted Phones. That means no more whining for lost High Score or Progress in a Game, you can recover the same state of it, any time you want.


Rooted Phones always had the advantage of many capabilities. One of those terrific features was the ability to backup App Data along with the App itself, using an app like Titanium Backup. Consider something like Angry Birds game, where I had accomplished a few Worlds. I back it up, Uninstall it & then install it again. In a usual case, my Progress through the game will be lost.

But if I recover the app data too, using Helium Backup, all the settings, Progress & everything! in the game, will be same as when I last Backed it up. Isn't it amazing!

Again Telling, Rooted / Jailbreak / Factory Unlocked Phone users, already had this advantage, but Helium has introduced it to non-rotted normal users too. As a normal user, of-course some more issues might occur with usage of this App, but Non-rooted Users can Backup App data!!! That's enough for being amazed. Now let me tell you how it works, so that the secret behind the magic of Helium Backup is revealed, and you may know it's not magic, but Art! hehe


The secrets of the working of Helium backup lie all over. If you're a regular user, you might have noticed that when you press the Backup command to Helium, it shows another menu, where it says "Backup my data". Another hint is that Helium Backup, requires a computer to be connected for its first run. I'll explain the reasons to these unique requirements now.

Helium Backup actually is based upon ADB's (Android Debug Bridge) backup command. I'm not a Hacker or something so I like to articulate ADB as a separate world, for the connection of Android Phone and Computer, where Computer can access Phone's internal files, using commands. These Commands are executed through DOS (Disk Operating System), which is already a part of Windows operating system.

Anyways, in all the commands that ADB has, there's this Backup command, which has been made to Backup the Phone's Apps. That's right, that is why a separate ADB Menu appears, when you Backup an App using Helium. The requirement of ADB is also the reason why connection to the computer is necessary. Computer will activate ADB, which'll then execute the Backup Command.

Having these reasons mentioned, I'm not saying that Helium App is just a middleman. If you try to use the native ADB backup command, you'll notice that its quite tougher than Helium Backup, you know typing the Full name of the App again & again. That's why I wanna say that Helium Backup is an Art (not Magic). It beautifully presents, in an easy to understandable manner, the way to Connect Computer to Phone for the purpose of App Data Backup.

Image By Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net


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