Install Clash of Clans Free on Bluestacks for PC

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Android has become one of the best addictive gaming platforms, where the games aren't as huge as platforms like PC, PS4 or XBOX 1, but they've a humongous fan following.

Today it's time to talk about another one of those Epic Android games & I also wanna inform you that it works fine on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC. I've tested it myself. (Beware that there can be glitches in the middle of the game, I've merely tested the commencement).


Clash of Clans is a wonderful game & is one of the prominent Mobile / Tablet games. It's fun is great & Addiction level is to the peak as you make your way through this terrific App. It has been released on both iOS & Android Platforms. So is also play-able on Bluestacks Android App Player for PC.

War Strategy would be the apt genre of this game (atleast in accordance with me!). It talks about a period long before, when New Human generations would've started to take birth. Different people lived at different places. These individual groups can be called Clans.

Now, these Clans could be vulnerable due to Goblins that attack them or other Clans. Your mission is the savior & the persistence of your Clan. It's the Survival of the fittest! So the Goblins that attack are simulated by the Computer, whereas the other Clans are other players, like you, who attack for their own survival. Let's see how long you persist in this War Zone.

But the game has not been totally presented by the dark Blood-filled war. It has been displayed as a Cute Tale with good graphics, where the peace is obstructed by Goblins & other Clans. There's presence of magic too. Now your work is not to fight, but to coordinate the fight, like where to place the troops, shopping fr the right stuff, where to place them, how to defend, place the cannons, Bombs, Traps, walls, etc. for your Clan.

Battle with other players to take their Victory Points & sometimes even join hands with them to build a superb Clan. Also battle with the Goblins, in your Epic journey to success.

Clash of Clans is Free to Play & Download, but there are certain items in game, that require purchasing using Real Money. Also this game requires one to be atleast 13 years of age to Download & Install.


So, Installing Clash of Clans on Bluestacks is not that tough. It's actually similar to many of my past posts' method. What you need to do is run Google Play Store on Bluestacks for PC, the method to which in the following post:

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After running Google Play Store, simply search for "Clash of Clans" in it, which should then be downloaded & installed. Here's the Google Play Store link for Clash of Clans, by the way:

That's it!

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  1. It may be a wonderful game but it's resulted in such an enormous amount of toxicity and hatred.

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