5 steps to Sign out of all Past Logins on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the best interactive Social Networking Websites in the whole world. I'm not sure about you, but a great deal of my friends are on Facebook & I love to chat with them, share my posts, views & what I'm doing.

However some of my friends are very naughty! I can't risk keeping my Facebook Account on any device, or even a past Login open, on my Personal Computer too.

For that, Facebook has provided some special options. It's kind of a History, with which you can Logout of your Previous Facebook Logins if they're open. They're sometimes referred to as "Sessions". So now, I'm gonna tell you how to do that!


Have you ever logged into Facebook, in a new queer place & some time after using the Computer out there, for instance Internet Cafe, remember that you left your Facebook Account open & didn't  Logout. If the device was publicly available to everyone, circumstances can be dangerous. OR maybe you could have used Facebook in your Mobile Phone or a friend's device (a Naughty Friend's device) & forgot to Logout.

In PC, if you don't check "Keep me Logged in", Facebook logs you out automatically, but in someone's Mobile Phone/Tablet, the case is not the same, someone might be logged in, using your account, without even your knowing. Well in any case, where you wanna control your Past Logins on Facebook & want to Logout of them, there is a method provided by Facebook.

Now, these Past Logins are generally called "Sessions". I'm completely sure why it is so, but I think "Sessions" refer that there is certain amount of time, after you access your Facebook Account in a device, before which you're automatically logged out of Facebook. Hence the term "session" i.e. certain amount of time for a particular thing. The "Keep me logged in" Option might be an exception of the "sessions" case or their session might be longer.

So, the Past Logins (or any logins) on Facebook, may also be called "sessions". I've written another Post on Facebook, regarding Extra Security on it, in case someone knowing your Password logs in, you can be alarmed, see that post at:

Visit Now


So, you can log out of all Logged in instances of your Facebook Account, in the Past, or as they're called "End All Activity" of your "Sessions", using the following steps:

(I'll be explaining them for Facebook being Accessed on PC, for other devices, you can try finding the setting yourself, by seeing the PC Method & judging)

1. Login to your Facebook Account.

2. Click on the small option on the Top-right, that will display more options, using a Drop-Down Menu like system & then, Click on "Settings".

3. On the left-hand side, choose the "Security" Tab. Finally, on the page you're shown, Click on "Where You're Logged In". (It could be the Last option on that page)

4. There, you'll be displayed, where you've Logged in, in the past, with a few details, like the device & Location of Respective sessions. You can simply click on "End all activity" link, to End all running sessions of the Past, or in other words, Log-out of all Previous Active (not logged out) Logins of the Past, except the current one.

Optionally, you can also End each session separately.

5. Finally, Don't forget to Logout of your current Facebook Login!

That's it!

Now, you can take a deep breath to relax feeling free of tensions of your Account getting easily convicted.


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