Out of Sync Audio & Subtitles Delay Options on VLC (fix)

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VLC Media Player has emerged to be the modern epitome of Video Players on PC. Its serene design, in coordination with numerous options for the perfect Video Playback, make it magnificent. That's why, it has been preferred by a huge number of individuals.

Today I wanna discuss 2 of its necessary overshadowed features that can make your video watching experience more fruitful on VLC Media Player for PC, that'll help you in case your Audio is not in sync / coordination with the Video & similarly, in case your Subtitles are not in sync with the Video File.


Have you ever got a very important video, that you desperately wanna watch with good Video watching experience, but a problem erupts. Your Video is not in sync with Audio. Like the characters' lip-sing is not in coordination with their voice. Their lips may move first and the voice is heard later or it can be the other way around.

Appalling is the apt word that can be used for that kinda experience. Even half a second difference between Audio & Video ruins the quality. Similar case may be devised for subtitles. If there's even a little difference between the display of subtitles and the Video playing, and you are less familiar with the language you're watching the video in, Watching Experience is compromised.

Reading of subtitles then, may be different than what the characters are actually speaking. And if the problems of Out of Sync Audio & Out of Sync subtitles occur together, then there's no limit to misery!


Yes, the above menaces can be irritating, but if you're playing your Video on VLC Media Player for PC, a vital solution is available, that may retain your good Video Watching. VLC has the options to set delay (or Opposite of Delay: Negative Delay) for both the Subtitles and the Audio of a Video file, so that the good watching experience is not hampered.

Simple Keyboard shortcut options are the best solution.

On Windows OS PC these options are G & H for subtitles delay and J & K for Audio Delay. In case these don't work try Ctrl+K & Ctrl+L for Audio delay.

On Macintosh OS PC the options are h & j for subtitles delay and f & g for Audio Delay.

How do these golden options work (according to windows, for Mac see yourself accordingly):

For subtitles, pressing "h" would set a positive delay of subtitles over Video, which means if the subtitles were appearing earlier to Actual Speaking, Pressing H would make them come a little bit afterwards than earlier, so that they synchronize properly with the video.
In case subtitles are appearing after the actual words have been spoken, Pressing "g" would set a negative delay, to make them synchronize with the Audio. You'll yourself have to determine the amount of Positive or Negative delay required, by pressing these two again & again, for best synchronization.

Similarly for Audio, pressing "k" would set a positive delay of Audio over Video, making it come a little after than before, which will help you repair Audio in case sound was heard earlier than the Video lipsing.
In case Audio is heard after the actual words should have been spoken, it has to be taken a little behind, by setting a negative delay using the "j" key.

Similar settings can be used on Mac computers with the corresponding keys.

That's it!

I hope your Audio & Subtitles now appear in sync with the video, for a better experience.


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  1. I am having lip syncing problems when connected my tablet to my TV using an HDMI cable... No such problem occurs when using vlc on tablet's screen. Any tip?

    1. Hi. I think, The audio delay keys should do the trick.

    2. Thanks for answering so quickly. The thing is the android version hasn't got any of these tricks...

    3. No problems.

      There must be a way to do that on android. Let me see what I can find... There's another way, editing the video permanently on pc with an editor like sony vegas & then playing it on android, even the trial version could do this task.

      I hope your issue gets resolved by this.

    4. By the way, is the video causing problems only on Android or both Android & PC (without using VLC)? I want to know, if there's an issue with the Video Player or Video itself.

  2. VLC is the only program on android that when using the HDMI can fit the TV's aspect ratio. Otherwise using other programs there are black bars right and left and top and bottom of the picture. Not when watching a video on the talbet, when I connect the tablet to the TV. Edditing every movie on the PC and then transfering it to the tablet is just a waste of time. In that case I 'd rather watch it through the PC.

    1. Okay, did you try MX Player, it has cropping options like stretch, fit to screen etc. It might work then. Also, in case, the video doesn't itself have a problem, then using MX Player's SW decoder, could play it properly.

  3. I ve tries almost every app. The MX although it hasn't any syncing problems the ratio (croping etc) works only for the tablets screen. When the tablet is connected to the Tv there are black bars around the picture no matter what aspect ratio you choose.

    From my understanding this happens because of the fixed ratio all talblets. Its not 16\9 , its something else. This can only be fixed if you root your tablet and change the output ration by yourself or by using VLC which has syncing problems unfortunatelly...

    1. You've done quite some investigation already, that's good. I just downloaded VLC, before actually going for rooting, there are still some changes that can be tested. Not sure you've done that but let's see:

      1. In VLC (Android) Preferences (or settings), Try messing around the option of Hardware Acceleration, probably disabling it could help, also see decoding & full acceleration.
      Try enabling Frame Skip in Performance.
      See if messing with the option of Audio Output in Advanced helps.

      2. In MX Player, In settings then decoder, there's an option for Correct Aspect Ratio, try both by ticking & unchecking that. Also try S/W decoder.
      And in "Player", check if the Limit Video re-sizing is unchecked.

      Just mess with above settings. You never know what could work, I hope they do.

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