Way to Play New Tournaments Offline in EA FIFA 14

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What a game this EA Sports FIFA 14 is. It's pure entertainment and fun as you race through your way to become better & better in this game. It's full of variables! Today I'd like to articulate & show you How to Play Offline New Tournament / Custom Tournament in EA Sports FIFA 14.


Note: This section describes the problem of not being able to easily find the Tournament option in EA Sports FIFA 14. Skip to "The Solution" heading to straight away find the solution.

FIFA 14 is the game for the year 2014, developed by EA Sports, released in September 2013 for almost all major gaming platforms. People have liked these kinda games very much, where they can virtually play in the Professional Football Mode. They can even have a career as a player or as a Manager in the game. Added to that Online Multiplayer options are also available.

In this game, one can play Exhibition games (not of a Tournament) and Enjoy a match. But soon, the Game players commence getting bored of it and want to play in a major Tournament.

But here's where the issue arises, the Tournament option is available in the game, but many people have found it tough to see it. Even I had problems a few days back. And some people even were forced to conclude that there's no Tournament mode in FIFA 14 & that they're disappointed on EA. And I think it's no-one's fault! (neither EA's, nor the Game Players').


So, Yes, EA has provided the settings to create New Tournament / Custom Tournament in its FIFA 14. The method to find that option is below. It should work for all major gaming platforms like PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3,, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows (PC), XBox 360, XBox One, etc.

1. Start the game and reach the Main Menu, where you see different options in the shape of boxes.

2. Move to the boxes on the right, under the "Play" Tab and select the option "+ MORE", where you'll be able to see "Load Tournament" Box.

3. Now this where we need to have a little digging into. The "Load Tournament" Box can be changed to "New Tournament" or "Custom Tournament" by (Let me tell the PC Version first) Hovering the Mouse Pointer over it, so as to highlight the "Load Tournament". Don't Press Enter.

Now in the bottom-right corner of the box you'll see three small dots, clicking on each of these would bring the required option. Now you can press Enter.

In a Gaming Console like Playstation 3, after Highlighting the "Load Tournament" Option, use the Analog Stick to move left/right to "New Tournament" or "Custom Tournament". Do not Press Enter on the "Load Tournament".

In the above Screenshot, see where the arrow points, these dots bring up the "New Tournament" or "Custom Tournament" Options & appear only when they're highlighted.

So that's it!

Now you can even create a World Cup Tournament, manually by selecting the 32 teams, that have reached the World Cup 2014 Brazil, this time, in "Groups & Knockout" Tournament mode.

I think you would've now been able to bring up the New Tournament / Custom Tournament Options and Enjoy the Tournament Games now. I hope you win!


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  1. I am unable to find fifa tournaments in the new tournament menu.There are several tournaments as per country but fifa wc and other fifa tournaments missing.Please help !!!

  2. I am unable to find fifa tournaments in the new tournament menu.There are several tournaments as per country but fifa wc and other fifa tournaments missing.Please help !!!

    1. If its fifa 15, you're talking about, then I haven't tried it yet. So can't say anything about it buddy

  3. how to play fifa 14 to offline....
    please helppp
    i can't select ultimate team i m always playing "KICK OFF'

    1. I haven't tried the Ultimate Team Mode & now I've uninstalled the game, so can't check. But I think it requires one to be online (not sure), as said in wikipedia article below:


  4. I recently bought an Xbox one, and I was wondering if its possible to create tournaments (on FIFA 16) OFFLINE. Everytime I wanna create a tournament, I gotta sign in, which is totally different to how PlayStation works. Any help?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  8. How can I play a cup with my friends each having a team

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  10. thanks boss, it worked, was really bored of playing exhibition

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